Energizer – Win a Toy an Hour Contest

I really like the Energizer company. No, I have no idea how environmentally friendly they are or how much they donate to causes, but I have found they are really good to their customers and run great contests and promos.

I have a great contest to tell you about but in the meantime remember to save your Energizer UPCs in an envelope somewhere, they are useful for promos throughout the year.

The contest currently running, until December 31/08 is the Energizer Toy an Hour Sweepstakes open to Canadian residents only. Energizer is giving away one toy an hour to a lucky winner, and every time they give away a toy they donate another one to Ronald McDonald House Charities of Canada. Energizer takes all entries in a given hour and choses the winner. Winners are notifed once a week by Energizer via email.

Statisicly speaking, if you are up with a little one at 3am, that is a great time to enter as there will be less people entering at that hour. You can enter this contest once per day (until you win!)

Here is the link to the contest. You need an Energizer UPC to enter and because you’re sweet I’ll give you one here: 039800034083

OH! And don’t worry about playing the game on there, once you enter it’s fine.

The odds are really good to win a toy from this contest, 24 prizes given away each day up until Christmas. I know I’m going to win! If you win please post on my blog!

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