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Dorset Cereals Prize Pack Giveaway (3 Winners!)

What’s your grown up cereal?  Do you have one?  Many times I open our pantry (with at least 5 different cereals at any given time) and rarely is there one in there that I can say is something a grown up would eat without remembering the Saturday morning commercial in their head.  My kids are cereal fanatics and me, not so much.  Maybe that’s because I didn’t have one that I’ve really craved, one that made me actually feel full after eating it, and one that offered a variety of tastes instead of the same old same old.

Now, after being sent the entire line of Dorset Cereals, I have found my new grown-up cereal.  Ur – muesli.  No ingredients added in as fillers.  No added sugars or flavorings to try and make it taste better.  Dorset Cereals have carefully blended their selection of ingredients to make something pretty amazing. And tasty.  And filling.

I’m actually full after eating a bowl of Simply Nutty Muesli (my favorite of them all) in the morning and for this reason Dorset Cereals also make a great evening snack – instead of filling up on empty calories from potato chips, I can satisfy my crunch craving (the brazil nuts aren’t shaved pieces, there’s actually brazil nuts, halved, within the blend).

The first time I poured a bowl, I lamented that this was usually what I put on top of my yogourt, not something I’d normally eat a whole bowl of!

Once you get used to how filling it is, how nice it is to eat a cereal that isn’t just flakes of what used to resemble a grain, you’ll be looking for more on store shelves.  In Western Canada, you can find Dorset Cereals at Sobey’s, Real Canadian Superstore and London Drugs among others.

3 of my Canadian readers are each going to win this awesome prize pack from Dorset Cereals consisting of 7 boxes of Dorset Cereal and an insulated  gourmet getaway lunch tote (ARV $75).

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