Boon Feeding Prize Pack Giveaway!

Flair KiwiWe’re Boon fans in our household – I can quickly name off about a dozen Boon products that we have, and currently use, in our house with the kids. Boon is a company that has functional, creative, and fun products so I’m always happy to try something new from the company (because, in all honesty, chances are I’m going to like it!)

Boon just brought in 2 new colors to their line up of Flair Highchairs – Kiwi and Cherry.  Since we’re all about pink and girl-girl colors with Everleigh, I was happy to check out the new Cherry colored Flair Highchair from Boon.

Highchairs can be a scary scary place.  How often do you clean under the fabric on yours?  I know for me, it was never often enough – lifting up that seat pad was akin to that climactic scene in a horror movie when you just know something is going to jump out at you any second!

We have a fabric covered highchair for Everleigh as well and we were constantly washing the cover because there would always be a banana, blueberry, or who knows what else mashed into it.

That’s why parents (myself included) love the Boon Flair Highchair – there’s no fabric cover so no gross places for things to get mashed into, crumbs hidden under, etc.

The white insert detaches so you can get under it if you need to wipe a wayward crumb but chances are you won’t need to.  You can’t beat a highchair that wipes clean top-to-bottom (you can’t successfully use antibacterial wipes on fabric chairs now can you!)

The pneumatic lift on the chair makes it perfectly adjustable to your table height and it’s easy to use with just one foot.  It also locks using your foot too (it reminds me of the chair hair stylists use!)

There’s even a removable tray that’s dishwasher safe for further cleaning capabilities.

The easy-clean features of this chair and super-modern look make it a favorite for parents everywhere, including me!

Boon also shared several feeding products with us that I had never tried before.  The Snack Ball snack container makes snacking on the go (or at home!) easy with a baby-friendly opening so they can reach in and use their pincer grasp to get snacks.  The Mush is a manual food processor that easily fits in the cupboards or pantry and makes it easy to blend food without a loud noise (I can clearly remember my oldest freaking out at the sound of our plug-in food processor).  And finally, my favorite, the Boon Wrap protective bowl cover!  This easily wraps around my standard kitchen bowls making it super easy for the baby to feed herself without worrying about my bowls crashing to the floor.  Even better, it suctions to the table or highchair tray!  I love that I don’t have to buy special bowls and can just wrap this product around my own.

1 of my very lucky Canadian readers is going to win:

~ Flair Pedestal Highchair With Pneumatic Lift in Choice of Kiwi or Cherry (MSRP $279.99)
~ Snack Ball in Blue/Orange (MSRP $7.49)
~ Mush Manual Baby Food Processor (MSRP $24.99)
~ Wrap Protective Bowl Cover in Orange  (MSRP $10.99)

To enter to win, just visit Boon and tell me what other product besides the ones discussed here is a favorite or one you’d love to have.

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This giveaway will end on March 12th at 9PM CT . Giveaway is open to Canadian addresses only.

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  1. emma walpole says:

    love that it is so easy to clean, need that with a messy 17 month old!

  2. I like the boon bug pod in red! :)

  3. I’d love to have the Swig Sippy Cup — super cute!! I’ve never seen this in a store…

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  65. well its hard to pick one….they all look so cool! I’d have to say the grass drying rack and the glo light are 2 faves!

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    No need for the nursery but it’s good to know it’s there. Sounds like a great time – hope we can travel there soon.

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