Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! How did you celebrate the event on January 23rd?

Since that was the date of my wisdom teeth removal, it was definitely not a day for celebration so we had to postpone our event for a few more days.  The good thing is that the kids have no idea when Chinese New Year really is so we can celebrate it anytime, teach the kids some culture, and eat delicious food while we’re at it!  Did you know that this year is the year of the Dragon?  That ought to catch the kid’s attention!

VH Sauces are a staple in our pantry – at any given time you will find one variety or another in the pantry (or fridge once opened).

I’m always looking for new recipes to keep things fresh in our kitchen – while I have my favorites sometimes you need a change and if you haven’t already checked out the VH Sauces website for inspiration, here’s your push to do so!  There’s a great recipe there for Spring Rolls with Garlic Hoisin Dip using ready-made spring rolls.  If you are inspired and want to try your own, check out my recipe for Salad Rolls with Hoisin Dip at the link!

Another easy recipe tip is one I got from my friend – use VH Teriyaki Stir Fry Sauce with cooked chicken and veggies and instead of making a stir fry, serve it in a tortilla wrap instead (P.S. this makes a great leftover lunch meal as well!)

In addition to VH Sauces for helping me create meals for dinner, VH Steamers are also a great quick lunch for me while at home with the kids.  My kids are only too happy to have a bologna sandwich or frozen pizza for lunch but for me, not so much.  VH Steamers are great because they don’t take up a lot of room in the freezer yet are a delicious, quick meal.  My favorite is the Kung Pao Chicken.

Now that I’m writing about it, I’m craving VH Teriyaki Stir Fry wraps!  I’m going to have to wait a few days before I can dig in…oh the torture of wisdom teeth!

1 of my Canadian readers is going to win a Chinese New Year Prize Pack valued at $60 courtesy of VH Sauces!  To enter to win, just leave me a comment here telling me how you use VH Sauces at home – do you have a favorite recipe you use one in?  Is there one that your family loves the most?  Maybe the VH Steamers are a new favorite?

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This giveaway will end on February 4th at 9PM CT . Giveaway is open to Canadian addresses only.  While readers may enter on multiple blogs, you can only win on one!

Disclosure – I am participating in the VH Chinese New Year Celebration program by Mom Central Canada on behalf of VH. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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  1. Carol-ann Lockhart says:

    Pour over beef strips and use them on the racalet later that evening while cooking enjoying with friends and laughter I couldnt think of a better use !

  2. I use the Teriyaki sauce as a marinate for kabobs.

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  5. Pat Mccabe says:

    I use it in my stir fries alot!!! I love it in my rice as well! very good sauce :)

  6. We love the plum sauce here for dipping our chicken fingers in!

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  10. I use the general tao stir fry sauce to make general tao chicken

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  15. I love it in stir-frys

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  18. we use the Red Curry cooking sauce in … you guessed it … curry!

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  21. stir-fry!

  22. My favorite way to use their dry-garlic sauce is to stick it with some ribs in a slow cooker… omg, try it!!

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  24. I used their sweet and sour sauce last week on pork ribs in the crockpot. They were reaaaaallly good.

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  27. Corey Walker says:

    We love the plum sauce!!!!

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  30. Victoria MI says:

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    • Victoria MI says:

      Also, we use VH whenever we can. On chicken, seafood, as a dipping sauce or marinade. A favourite is the Sweet and Sour with chicken fingers.

  31. We use VH sauces as a dip with chicken tenders and also when we stir fry. We like a hot kick so we love the Spicy Thai Chili Sauce!

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  33. In stir fries…and always different veggies and sauces….Never boring! Always tasty! 😀

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  39. I love using VH Sauces. I have no favourite. I like them all and use them mostly in stir fries. Yum!

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  44. kara sceviour says:

    My favorite is the VH sweet n sour dipping sauce,,we use that on a few things! karasceviour at hotmail dot com

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    I subscribe to you via email. karasceviour at hotmail dot com

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  47. I like to use VH sauces in my stirfrys!

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  50. SueSueper says:

    I use Plum Sauce with my chicken fingers.

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  53. We like to use sweet & sour sauce on fried chicken.

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  59. Candace E says:

    I would love to try the vh steamers. I use the VH Teriyak sauce on wings.

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  64. I think all I have really used is the soy sauce and plum dip. I should really try one of the other flavors

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  67. Doreen Riopel says:

    I love using them on my stir fry. They never let me down.

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  71. Doreen Riopel says:
  72. I usually use VH sauce to make stir fry. Maybe I’ll do that over the weekend. Yum!!
    Thanks for the giveaway :)

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    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  74. We often use them in stirfries but we use their dipping sauces as well. I haven’t yet tried their steamers though I’ve considered trying them out for my lunches one of these days…

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  77. Louise M. says:

    use VH sauce orange ginger on salmon

  78. Louise M. says:

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  79. Leanne Bramm says:

    Use it for stir frys!

  80. Karla Sceviour says:

    We use the sweet n sour and cherry dipping sauces for chicken nuggets,strips,balls,etc,, I also put sweet n sour sauce in my stirfry..yum! And we use the honey garlic sauce for wings,ribs,etc..
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

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  85. I use them in stir-fry’s/

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    I clicked share on the giveaway post(Karla Sceviour)

  90. I liked to use their szechuan sauce for my stir fries

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  94. Anne Taylor says:

    we love the vh market butter chicken sauce!

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  98. Anne Taylor says:
  99. I love to use VH sauces in stir-frys. I also love them for dipping chicken strips/nuggets into. My favourite is Sweet & Sour sauce.

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  103. We love these sauces on our chicken wings, the kids favorite is Honey Garlic!

  104. Rebecca R says:

    I love to use the VH sweet and sour for dipping finger foods like eggrolls or chicken fingers!

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  108. I always have the sweet&sour sauce at home for making sweet&sour – everything.

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  110. I use different sauces for stir-fries, whatever the mood calls for.

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  115. Anne Taylor says:
  116. I love putting VH sauce on bbq chicken. We use VH sauce all the time, several kinds.

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  118. Rebecca R says:
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  120. Karla Sceviour says:
  121. i love teriyaki sauce!! On chicken or steak

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  124. I use them in stir fry

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  127. My favorite sauce is the general tao stir fry sauce…love making my own at home its my favorite dish with chicken and rice.

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  131. Our favourite is the Vindaloo sauce and we eat it quite often. The other sauces are good too, but Vindaloo is the best. We use chicken. Yum.

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    (Evelyn B)

  134. We use lots of VH products, we love the sweet and sour dipping sauce for chicken nuggets and the soy sauce for stir fries, fried rice marinades and making beef Jerky,we also use the garlic sauce when making ribs or sometimes on a pork roast when cooking it on the BBQ.

  135. My picky son loves chicken wings doused in VH honey garlic sauce.

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  141. Anne Taylor says:
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  143. We like the teriyaki sauce the best… great in stir fries.

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  147. Doreen Riopel says:
  148. Heather Diotte says:

    VH Sauces have always been a family favorite growing up, so we of course have all carried that into our own families now. From the soy sauce on our favorite stir fry, to the delightful sweet & sour sauce that I pour over chicken and bake in the oven, they absolutely rock!!


  149. Heather Diotte says:

    I subscribe via email & verified.

  150. Sylvia Bernat says:

    VH Plum Sauce is the only brand we buy for our Chicken Nuggets.

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    Thank you!!

  159. I use the Medium Garlic Sauce for making short ribs

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  161. Donna Lyn says:

    My family likes the Sweet and Sour sauce over chicken or fish.

  162. Donna Lyn says:

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  164. We like the teriyaki sauce over chicken and vegetable.

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  173. I use some of the sauce when making ribs or pork and also the sweet and sour sauce for nuggets or rolls.

  174. I like putting sauce over my chicken.

  175. Doreen Riopel says:
  176. Small Town Mommy says:

    I love Tandoori Chicken!

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  182. Eleanor Q says:

    I like using the VH sauces almost daily with chicken, pork and beef. It’s tastes so great and is easy for me after a long day at work.

  183. Rebecca R says:
  184. Karla Sceviour says:
  185. We like the Sweet & sour sauce for chicken nuggets

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  189. We use the sweet and sour for dipping chicken nuggets.

  190. Tania Smith says:
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  195. Anne Taylor says:
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  197. Good for a quick stir fry!

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  200. Rebecca R says:
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  202. SueSueper says:
  203. Candace E says:
  204. Sunshine G says:

    Stirfry at our house – easy and still tastes good!

  205. My husband does most of our cooking at home, and he LOVES Asian food and sauces! He would be so thrilled if this prize was delivered to our house – he’d be cooking up a storm!

  206. I subscribe via e-mail, woohoo!

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  214. I actually don’t have any VH sauces although I have heard of the company!

  215. I’m a fan of FFF on FB
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  216. Anne Taylor says:
  217. My favourite VH sauce is the plum sauce for dipping. I also love the honey garlic sauce boiled until thick and then poured over some wings. So good. The VH steamers aren’t bad at all. A night treat to have when everyone else is out and I don’t feel like cooking.

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  224. I use the sauces in my stir fries

  225. Rebecca R says:
  226. Candace E says:
  227. Use the plum sauce for the nuggets or strips.

  228. Karla Sceviour says:
  229. In celebration of Chinese New Year, enter to win a $60 #VHSauces prize pack http://bit.ly/VHsauce @FeistyFrugal (CDN only)

  230. we use the VH Sauces in stir fry (Sweet and Sour and Teriyaki


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  233. Cheryl E. says:

    I like using VH sauces in my stir fry’s!

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  243. we love to use the VH sweet and sour sauce for our stir-fry, or as a dipping sauce!

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  257. Tania Smith says:
  258. Andrea Bilec says:
  259. Doreen Riopel says:
  260. Rebecca R says:
  261. Heather Diotte says:
  262. Often use the plum sauce with chicken nuggets – also have tried the Asian 5 spice with a chicken stirfry. So many great V-H products!!

  263. I use them many different ways, One of my favs is to make sauced veggies and meat or tofu which I serve over rice. Thennnnnnnnnnnnn the next day I use in a pita or wrap. Sometimes the second day is better than the first!

  264. I love vh Plum sauce! Use it as a dip for spring rolls. SO YUMMY. Thanks for this rad giveaway!

  265. Anne Taylor says:
  266. Deb Dorrington says:

    I brown pork chops in on pan and sautee onions, peppers and mushrooms in another pan. Then combine together in casserole dish and pour VH Orange Ginger Stir fry sauce over and finish cooking in oven at 375 degrees.

  267. Deb Dorrington says:

    I am a confirmed email subscriber!

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  273. We love using the sauces as dips for all sorts of meats and veggies.

  274. SueSueper says:
  275. Tania Smith says:
  276. Andrea Bilec says:
  277. NANCY MARTIN says:

    I use VH cherry sauce(since childhood, my mommy used it too!)

  278. NANCY MARTIN says:

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  286. Anne Taylor says:
  287. I like the VH steamers they are very easy and taste good.

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  291. I just use the teriyaki sauce in a chicken stirfry. It’s excellent!

  292. Doreen Riopel says:
  293. Karla Sceviour says:
  294. Rebecca R says:
  295. Candace E says:
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  297. We use the plum sauce for spring rolls, and as a dip for home cooked chicken strips and take-out McNuggets

  298. Andrea Bilec says:
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  300. Small Town Mommy says: