Awkward Holiday Photos

Oh how I love!  Like Damn You Auto Correct or Text Message Fail, this site takes the innocent things that happen in our lives and…well…makes fun of them!

I just ordered my holiday cards and I’m hoping that in 20 years time one of our photos doesn’t end up in this category.  I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t happen but what do I know, our first holiday photo with Elijah when he was an infant had a fake snowy window in the background – so cheesetastic!

Here are a few of my favorite holiday themed photos from – go to the site for more photographic gold!  I saved the best for last.

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  1. Oh my… Don’t know what to say about that last one!

  2. Wow.. Some are awkward lol

  3. Ok, that pregnant one? WHAT?

  4. Oh…wow! The last one is…just wow. Some of the others made me LOL, literally.

  5. LMAO!!!! The guy in the footie PJ’s are a bit much.

  6. LOL Those sites are the best, great to check out when you are having an off day.

  7. HA! That’s crazy! Too funny how they made a website revolved around this!

  8. Um wow. And people send these pictures in themselves? LOL!

  9. LOL, I’ve seen the last picture before, it’s great! I can’t believe they thought that was an appropriate to take much less send it to friends and family! My guess is they want to crawl into a hole and die considering how much it’s been passed around the internet! I know I would!

  10. Oh, my gosh! That was their CHRISTMAS CARD photo?!

  11. Those are just weird.

  12. Gahhh!! You found some good ones.

  13. So bizarre!

  14. That post just made my day! ROFL!

  15. That was awesome. I really have no words for that last one though.

  16. I totally just busted a gut! Oh Tenille………

  17. I loved the one where they are all in babygrows so awkward!

  18. hahaha oh my… too funny!

  19. aaaaccck the first one poor innocent kid with a sword

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