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Stovetop Sear & Cook Slow Cooker

With winter now definitely here in Saskatchewan after a November snowstorm, it’s time to get cozy, stay indoors more than ever, and figure out how to meal plan and shop while staying safe. I rely on online grocery shopping with curbside pick-up along with a meal-kit company that I just started using and so far, quite like. The meal-kit meals are all 30 minute meals, on average, so between those meals a slow-cooker-all-day meal strikes a nice balance.

I love slow cooker meals (you can click this link to see all the easy slow cooker recipes on my site) and use mine year-round. When Hamilton Beach suggested this slow cooker for inclusion in my Holiday Gift Guide I could have said no, because why would I need another one? That is, until I read the description and said “definitely, yes!”

This is a slow cooker and then some! Simply sear, brown or saute meat and vegetables in the non-stick removable pot on your stovetop to lock in flavour. Set the timer and finish cooking the meal in the slow cooker.

For cooking versatility, the removable pot is safe to use on both gas and electric stovetops, plus it’s oven safe up to 400F. The 6-quart non-stick insert fits a 6lb chicken or 4lb roast. Best of all – for fast clean up after a festive meal, both the removable non-stick pot and lid are dishwasher safe.

This weekend I made a delicious slow cooker beef stroganoff and it was the perfect opportunity to use my new Hamilton Beach Stovetop Sear & Cook Slow Cooker since the meat tastes so much better when you brown/sear it first. Would the removable pot really be OK on my stovetop? Yes! Would it sear the beef just like a heavy pot would on the stove? Yes! I loved having one less thing to wash AND being that the pot itself was deep I had less splatter when searing the beef too.

You do have to make sure that you use oven mitts when stirring the food in the pot on the stove, as you’ll need to secure the pot with one hand and stir with the other, and then oven mitts as you transfer the pot from the stove to the slow cooker, as there are no silicone handles on the pot.

This slow cooker is now in my kitchen cupboard, replacing the one I used previous which – compared to this one – is super heavy. I like how lightweight this slow cooker is and how versatile it will be with my recipes.

Look for the Hamilton Beach Stovetop Sear & Cook Slow Cooker at and in-store for $59.98.

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