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furReal Moodwings Baby Dragon

The furReal Moodwings Baby Dragon toy is wonderfully fantastical — and full of surprises. At first she’ll wake up a little bit shy, and her eyes will be orange. Just pet her gently on the nose and she’ll warm up to you!  Her color-change eyes and tummy reveal many moods – when she’s sleepy, her eyes are blue; when they turn green, you know it’s time for a feeding (don’t forget to burp her!). Red eyes? Someone’s feeling a bit cranky! Yellow eyes indicate happiness (and when she’s happy and excited? Well, you’ll have to see it for yourself!).

Feed her with her bottle, soothe her with her pacifier, rock her in your arms, and kiss her special gem – you’ll love caring for this special baby. And what baby doesn’t love to play? She knows when you move her, so fly her gently through the air, spin her around, or even tip her upside-down and she’ll respond in all kinds of fun and silly ways. There’s never been a pet quite like her before… care for her, play with her, and you’re sure to be the best of friends!

We’ve had this little feisty dragon in our home for awhile now, and she definitely lets you know when she wants attention. Frankly, with the moods added it she reminds me of my 9-year-old so if you have a child that loves furReal, this may already be on their list!

Look for furReal Moodwings Baby Dragon Interactive Pet Toy at retailers like ($69.99), ($69.99), ($59.99) and ($69.99).

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