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BABY Born Surprise Magic Potty Surprise

Meet the sweet toddler who does it all. She’s your Magic Potty Surprise doll. She eats her doll food right up, then drinks water from her sippy cup. But…wait for it…At potty time, she really has to go. And she pees glitter that sparkles so. She also poops a charm so cute, she’ll put it on a bracelet just for you. WHO WOULDN’T WANT A CHARM THAT WAS POOPED OUT AND PUT ON A BRACELET?!

Potty time is full of 30+ magical surprises with BABY born Surprise Magic Potty Surprise. BABY born Surprise is all grown up and ready to be potty trained. This toddler doll has big beautiful glass eyes, a cute outfit and soft, brushable hair. She really eats her doll food and really drinks water. When it’s potty time, she reveals magical surprises! She pees colorful, sparkly glitter pee and poops an adorable charm. She comes with 9 doll food packets and 10 potty pods with surprise charms. She also has a potty, sippy cup, plate, spoon, hair brush, pacifier and a charm bracelet for you.

Now as much as I giggle at the silliness of peeing glitter (there’s a joke there somewhere I just wouldn’t post here) and pooping charms, parents know that these dolls are going to be a hit this holiday season and likely on many Christmas wish lists! If you’re looking for one for gift giving, here’s what I found for pricing: ($69.99), ($59.97), and ($69.97).

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