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Alfred Smart Lock

In a year unlike any other, with holiday gatherings smaller and people reassessing needs vs wants for gifts, you might be like our household, where my husband and I have decided to exchange one small gift with each other, and instead focus our gifting on things for the household – after all, we’re spending a lot more time here now.

Alfred, a smart lock company, has created an innovative smart deadbolt that will instantly transform the look of your front door. Alfred’s mandate is to create smart locks that reflect the perfect balance between sleek design, security and usability. Their products are unmatched in form and function.

Smart home products shouldn’t require compromise between usability, style or function. Luckily, with Alfred you don’t have to choose. With quick and easy installation, anyone can upgrade their home. 

Key Features: 

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Create up to 20 pin codes, including one-time codes and time-sensitive codes.
  • Simply unlock the unit with a touch when your phone is nearby with One-Touch access.
  • Away mode blocks all pin codes except the master code, triggering an alarm if the door is opened. 
  • Visual pin protection allows users to use numbers in addition to their pin number, making it more difficult to discern the actual code. 
  • Control via Amazon Alexa or Google Home when using the Alfred Connect WiFi Bridge

With three kids, one of them having his license and leaving for school plus work, this was a product that made sense for our family. The last thing I need to worry about is one of the kids losing a house key and wondering who has it.

With 20 unique PIN codes to assign, each of the kids can have their own code, and you can also provide a one-time code for the neighbor to come and let the dog out, or a friend to check on the furnace when you’re away this winter. Another great use for this lock would be home-care situationas for seniors. As employees switch, you can switch the code for your loved one, knowing that only the essential people that need a code have it. I also love that Alfred has thought things through and provided the Away mode so that there’s absolutely no reason anyone should be entering your house.

If this sounds like a great family-gifting idea, or for a parent or loved one that “has everything they need anyway”, you can learn more about Alfred products at The Alfred DB2-B that we have is $299.99 MSRP and you can find Alfred products at, Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Staples and more!

Alfred has generously set aside a DB2-B lock (like the one we received, you can use a PIN code, one-touch access OR a key!) The retail value of this prize is $299.99 so if you decide to gift it to your own household this Christmas that works too! To enter to win, just fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then just leave a comment on this post sharing how you would use this Alfred lock in your household or in a family member’s household. That’s it, you’ll be in to win! Good luck everyone!


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  • Would love this as we just started letting our boys come home from school and come into the house on their own for short periods of time while we’re at work.

  • This would be a great addition to our home, I love that it has enough pass codes for everyone, this will help me, I’m always losing my keys in my purse and it takes me longer looking for my keys then it would getting into my home

  • My husband would be ecstatic to own one of these, he is very much interested in a complete smart house. It does sound like an incredible upgrade to the house, I love the design as well.

  • This would be great for our home so when we have people look after the pets only have to give them a code instead of worrying about keys also when we go four wheeling and sledding don’t have to worry about losing keys.

  • I would use this secure and convenient Alfred lock on our front door so that we don’t have to carry house keys, plus we can give a code to our daughter, son-in-law & grandson to use.

  • I would love to use this on my front door, so that my daughter has an easy way to let herself in to the house when she walks home from school for lunch, and when for both my kids walk home from school together if I am not available to pick them up. Some days I forget to give her an extra key, which creates a dilemma. Having this lock would alleviate some headaches and make us feel safer!

  • This would be amazing for our house, we would love to upgrade our door. It would be amazing to create one time codes, if we are away and be able to give it to a neighbor when we are not home and a problem occurs.

  • I would definitely use this lock for my backdoor which is in my bedroom. This would give me an extra sense of security at the same time as being extremely convenient.

  • Wow, I really like & could use this lock and I would put it on my front door. It would be so much more fast and convenient with not having to search for keys, especially in the really cold weather.

  • I think i would gift it to my son. my grandkids could all have their own passcode and we could as well to let ourselves in to take the doggies for a walk during the day while everyone was at work

  • This definitely for our front door. With 5 people coming and going throughout the day and night this would be so handy for everyone. Forgot your key or loaned to someone, no problem. Also we bought a new deadbolt less than 2 years ago and the keys already won’t work properly.

  • We are building a tiny home to help with my mom’s care and we will have all of my siblings and kids staying there when they’re visiting. Sounds like this could be easier than managing a bunch of keys!

  • I would love this for my family, you can never be too safe these days and I LOVE the pin ideas! When we gave our eldest a key we worried every day he would lose it and he usually would, luckily in the house. This would be great to be able to avoid that in the future.

  • Oh my gosh! The Alfred lock would be a wonderful present to gift my parents. Definitely would make the “where’s my key?!?!” Issue disappear! I’d definitely be the best kid this year. 😆

  • I absolutely LOVE the multiple pin code option. Id use it on my front door! This would not only be an upgrade but a really neat gadget!!

  • I would love to use it for my house. I take care of a family member who has major health problems and whose specialists are in another province. I also have 2 cats and no family, only a few friends and colleagues in my city. I don’t like giving out my key and this makes it very difficult to arrange specialist visits, or in better times, visits to the rest of my family for more than one day. This time of a lock would be a gamechanger.

  • to update my difficult front door lock that sticks and is hard to open!! not only smart but it is elegant too.

  • This would be wonderful for our front door. It would be great to not have to have a key. I did one year drop the key in the snow. I never did find it. Hmmm, now I wonder why it didn’t show up in the spring.

  • I have been looking for a smart lock. I go to bed earlier than my boyfriend gets home from work, so this would help him get into the house without fumbling for keys.

  • We would absolutely use this in our home! I have lost my keys and locked myself out more times than I can count so this would be perfect!

  • I’d give it to my Mum. She’s elderly, and loves to go out and be social, run errands, etc., but she looses her keys all the time, and doesn’t even remember to actually lock her front door at least half of the time….I’d worry about her a lot less if she had this. Thank you!

  • I would love this for our house. It would enable my parents to use their code to get in, the housecleaner, the kids (when they grow up), etc.

  • This would be great for our family of 5. The kids could all have their own pin as well as my parents who are often at my house or checking on it for me

  • I’m a first time home owner so I’ve slowly been upgrading. Something like this would work so well for us. The less keys I have to keep track of the better.

  • I would use this on our front door. We have to replace our August lock because it is crappy and has locked me out when the battery has been low since the keypad is separate from the lock. With a previous keypad lock we have had it had a safe guard where it wouldn’t lock if the battery was low. Hopefully the Alfred had this feature so we can upgrade.

  • with my husband losing house keys constantly, this would be a perfect addition to our home. I love the colours it is also available in Thanks for the opportunity

  • I would love to use in this in our home and be able to let my mom in when she pops over to drop off things and we’re not there!

  • I have 2 teenagers who do lose their keys. This would be great. It would also make it easier in the fact that I wouldn’t have to be searching through my purse for my keys to get into the house.

  • Just having the convenience of giving people a code instead of searching for keys would be a huge plus in our busy house

  • We would use this for our front door. Looks like a better unit than what we have on there and would make it easier for the kids as they get older!

  • What a super idea – love how it would help with feeling safe and secure – this would be perfect under the tree!

  • I’d install it on the side door so I have an up-to-date lock on that door and hope to use it more often with all the wonderful options it comes with.

  • I am waiting on two new doors to installed hopefully soon before it gets really cold and snowy. This would be great to add to one of them.

  • I would love to use this for our front door. We are always on the go and this would give me a peace of mind knowing I can check and access the door with my phone. I especially love the master code/lock and the ability of having a one-time code!

  • This would be great for when we want to get away. The neighbour can have a code to check the house and so can my sister without having to give out keys and eliminate the codes when we arrive back home.

  • I would most definately use this in our own family, now that our older kid is starting to walk to and from school himself. He would be able to access the door without keys and we could check that it is locked when he has left. so very useful

  • I would definitely put this in my front door as it will life easier as I don’t need to look for my key to get in. 🙂

  • I would give this to my brothers family to use at their house in Toronto… I think he would really like it.

  • We would make great use of this lock! Instead saying they forgot their keys again, and punching in the code on the big garage door, the goobers could just punch in the code for the actual door!

  • I would use this in my home because the rest of my family often forgets to lock the door. This smart lock would give us all a higher level of security.

  • This is really cool. We just bought a new house in July and my daughter is at the age where I can leave her alone after school for a few minutes if necessary. With this, I’d never have to worry about her losing a key!

  • I would use this for my door to the garage. It happens all to often where someone needs to get in and they don’t have access to a key.

  • This would be great for us as our daughter will have to let herself in and out of the house for school. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  • think this would be perfect for my oldest as he could be left alone and watch his younger brother but I bet he would forget his key or something, this way we would not have to worry about them being locked out if I’m not at home right after school

  • Be awesome to replace our front door with this. Also, when we can have guests again, it will save having a spare key.

  • This would be great for us as occasionally we need to have a friend come over to feed our pets and this would be much easier than always having to remember to give her a key!

  • This would be great for certain people (me!) who are prone to locking themselves out of the house! Love that you can have multiple codes

  • I would love to have this lock, we still have the original lock from when the house was built, and it is getting pretty rickety.