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Puppy Potty Training At Its Best

Introducing Vince (Vinnie) the teacup chihuahua on the blog for the first time! He’s been in our household for 2 weeks now and we’ve been having a lot of fun watching him learn and play every day. Just like a toddler, each day brings something new. Ironically, it was weeks before we brought a new puppy into our family that Hasbro gifted our family with a surprise box of furReal Poopalots Big Wags Pets and Lil Wags Pets. Having this puppy in the back of my mind (agonizing on whether or not we’d adopt him) I found it funny that a toy puppy that actually requires treats, walks and poop clean-up had made it’s way to us. Was it a sign?

furReal Poopalots come in two sizes – a dog size of course and (see how ironic?) a smaller teacup/puppy size (known as the Lil Wags). The product description sums it up quite well:

What’s more fun than walking a pet? Walking a pet that poops! Give this funny pup a few of his treats, then assemble and attach his leash to take him for a walk. As you walk him, he starts to do his business, leaving a trail of poop nuggets behind! Luckily, the pup comes with his own poop scooper for quick and easy cleanups.

furReal Poopalots pets feature a connectible leash system that lets kids walk one pet, or their favorite pack! This poopin’ pup comes with a detachable leash to walk him across the floor, as well as a connector to add up to two Poopalots Lil’ Wags pets (sold separately). So, who’s ready for a nice walk?

The pooper scooper is pretty cute, and a lot more fun than the real thing to pick up, so there’s that. The furReal Lil Wags interactive toys have the same features as the bigger size ones, just in a smaller little pup with a little scoop instead of carrying case for treats, and lower price point.

If you collect more than one furReal Poopalots pets, you can connect their leashes and walk them as a pack. I don’t think my labradoodle and chihuahua are ready for that just yet but the furReal pets we have are!

Look for furReal Poopalots Big Wags online at ($24.99) or Toys R Us ($24.99) and furReal Poopalots Lil Wags at ($12.99) or Toys R Us ($12.99).

I have an awesome furReal Poopalots prize package for one lucky reader (one of those phrases I can’t believe I just typed, but carrying on…) Someone is going to WIN:

ONE furReal Poopalots Big Wags Pet

TWO furReal Poopalots Lil’ Wags Pets

To enter to win, just fill in your name and address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then just leave a comment on this post sharing who you’d love to win these toys for! Good luck everyone (and stay safe!)


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