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Poopsie Rainbow Surprise Dolls

I say this with the utmost respect for toy brands, and our kids that love them, but there have been so many times over the past few years I see a toy commercial or see a toy in the store and think, “This would have been a toy in a Saturday Night Live skit in the 90’s and we’d have laughed and laughed,” except now it’s real. Poop. Slime. Pooping unicorns. Peeing dogs. Nothing is off limits with toys and if it involves poop, slime, rainbows or unicorns it’s almost guaranteed to be a hit. You know I’m right.

Poopsie Slime Surprise was a hot toy for 2018. Hot poop. See? A SNL skit in the making. Back to the topic – the toy was a big hit in 2018 and the brand has continued bringing your kids a variety of products to covet and collect. This year, the big toy from Poopsie Slime Surprise is Rainbow Surprise dolls!

I’m actually pretty cool with this toy because, as far as I can tell, there’s no actual poop involved. Here’s the product description:

Make D.I.Y. slime fashions with Rainbow Surprise by Poopsie. Unbox 20+ surprises including a gorgeous 14″ doll with beautiful, brushable hair. Will you get Rainbow Dream or Pixie Rose? Unroll the package for the longest unboxing experience ever. Inside, find D.I.Y. slime powders and fabulous fashions with clear details, ready for a rainbow slime surprise! Make D.I.Y. slime and add it to your doll’s transparent fashions to totally transform her look. Mix and match slimes to make a totally one-of-a-kind statement. Her shoes and her purse can hold slime, too! Each package includes a doll, outfit, socks, shoes, purse, bottle, 4 D.I.Y. slime powders, 2 Rainbow Magic powders, 3 shimmer powders, 1 Rainbow Sparkle glitter, and 1 Rainbow Highlighter powder. Experience slime in an all new way with amazing D.I.Y. slime fashion! Collect all 4 Rainbow Surprise dolls.

Yup, you get to make slime fashionable by putting it inside the doll’s shoes, purse, jacket, even skirt! Check out the unboxing video we did below to explain:

Collectible items are hot, unboxing items is even a bigger deal than previous years, due to kids watching unboxing videos like the one we made above. So, when brands give kids the opportunity to open multiple accessories and items as they get to the main product, it makes the fun last longer and creates an element of anticipation and excitement. I found that, after the video was done, the girls continued playing with their Poopsie Rainbow Surprise Doll for almost a full hour afterward. They were interested in putting slime in all the other accessories and seeing how it looked. The doll has also been in use in the days after with their other dolls from other brands. I can totally see why kids would want to collect the other dolls in this product line, to create a group of them. Smart marketing indeed!

Alright, now here’s the info you really need to know – where to find Poopsie Rainbow Surprise Dolls this holiday season: ($63.98), Toys R Us ($79.99), ($63.98) and Walmart ($69.97).


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