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Digital For Good: How Capital One is Being a Changemaker

Earlier this week, on a morning coffee run after dropping off my three kids at school, I happened upon a homeless man, in a wheelchair, at the end of the drive through parking lot. I had about $3 in change in my car, and stopped to give it to him. He was polite, friendly, and thanked me for the small offer I could give him. I drove away and realized I had tears in my eyes. Not because the nice man had made me feel bad, but because I realized how such a small moment in my day could make a difference for someone else.

I realize and know that there are countless charities and organizations that do incredible work daily to help others in need, and my one 30-second moment of helping someone else pales in comparison to the work these people do every day. I can’t imagine that kind job-satisfaction that comes with knowing your daily work makes a significant change in people’s lives, but I also know that charities struggle for a variety of reasons too.

One area where charitable organizations need help is in technology and utilizing digital platforms and opportunities to spread their message. We as citizens have a hard enough time on our own keeping up with the changes, but imagine how volunteer-run and charitable organizations manage technology among all the other – and admittedly more pressing – issues they encounter every day with the people they’re trying to help.

From websites to widgets, for-profit companies and businesses are investing in tech now more than ever before – it’s just good business sense to do so. Without the support of big teams and budgets, charities simply don’t have the same access to the same digital solutions. Capital One Digital For Good is designed to help charities and non-profit organizations embrace and implement technology.

Through Capital One’s own research with Canadian charities, they’ve learned that 74% of Canadian charities believe a growing tech gap threatens the long-term success of their organization and 50% of Canadian charities simply aren’t able to keep up with an evolving, tech-driven society.

So, what is Capital One doing to help? The Capital One Digital for Good Summit, held on November 18th in Toronto is a free event designed to empower charities and non-profit organizations to use technology as a force for good. The Summit aims to help bridge the technology gap these groups are facing by providing attendees with access to tech leaders and like-minded peers they might not have access to otherwise.

You can learn more about Capital One’s mission and the Digital For Good Summit at www.digitalforgood.com

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Capital One Canada. All opinions and commentary are, as always, my own.


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