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Pediped Outlet Swaddle Collection

Note from Tenille: Brittany and family welcomed Mr. Henry Kenneth Caffet on September 2nd (weighing 9lbs, 1.5oz!) Congratulations!

By Brittany Caffet

As a second time mother, I thought that the instinct to nest wouldn’t be quite as overwhelming this time around. Boy, was I wrong! As we (not so) patiently await the arrival of our son, my husband and I have crossed a plethora of things off of our to-do list. Every inch of our home has been scrubbed like it’s never been scrubbed before, the baby blankets have all been neatly folded and stored away, and the teeny tiny clothes are all washed and sorted by size.

While sorting through all of the clothes, I stumbled upon a big pile of baby socks and couldn’t help but groan. I absolutely LOATHE baby socks. They are the most useless item of clothing for any infant. If you put them on, chances are they will be lost inside a swaddle blanket, the crib or the car seat within minutes. But what is a parent to do? You can’t leave those poor little feet bare, and you can’t put your baby to bed with shoes on… or can you? Enter, the pediped Outlet Swaddle Collection!

The Swaddle Collection is pediped’s coziest line of footwear yet! The material is so soft that you can actually swaddle them right in when you are getting baby ready for a rest! There is an elastic at the ankle making them super easy to slip onto baby’s foot (and making sure that they STAY on baby’s foot). The shoes are stretchy, ensuring that your baby will be able to properly use all of the muscles in their feet even while the shoes are on. Like all of pediped’s other footwear options for your littles, the Swaddle Collection has been approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association for promoting healthy foot development.

The pediped Outlet Swaddle Collection includes a variety of different colours and patterns, all of which are really stylish. One of my very favourite things about these shoes… they are machine washable! Simply toss them in the wash when they inevitably get dirty and they will come out clean, fresh and ready for another wear. I’m always pleasantly surprised by the fantastic quality of pediped’s shoes, and the Swaddle Collection is no exception! They are incredibly well made and will definitely still be in great shape when they are passed on to another child after my little guy outgrows them!

As the calendar draws closer and closer to my due date, I’m getting more excited by the day to meet the little guy who has been taking up residence in my belly for the last 9 months! It’s hard to believe that the little feet I can feel poking me in the ribs all day long will soon be tucked cozily inside these adorable little shoes from the pediped Outlet Swaddle Collection!

Pediped is giving readers the opportunity to enter to win a pair of Pediped Outlet Swaddle Collection shoes! To enter to win, just fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then leave a comment on this post sharing whose little toes you’d love to win these for!


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