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Fall In Love With Skechers

You gotta love a catchy blog post title right? Fall and Spring give us so many options for playful captions and titles, so I work with what I’ve been given.

Now that the kids are back in school, if you’re a parent like me I know that each day you’re bracing for the next note, the next form, the next expense. Now that fall activities are getting started, it’s like a whole new back to school shopping list has been created. Shoes are part of the list.

Elementary age kids have indoor shoes and outdoor shoes, that’s a given. If your child also has weekend activities, you either hope and pray your child remembers to bring home their indoor shoes on Fridays (my youngest has indoor-soccer on the weekends) or you learn the hard way that this isn’t likely to happen and just buy another pair of “indoor” runners for those weekend activities.

When Everleigh’s new Skechers Double Dreams – Unicorn Wishes shoes arrived, they were met with squeals of delight. Because when you’re 8 years old, pink and sparkles are where it’s at! She wears a size 2 but this style is available from size preschool 10.5 all the way up to size girls 5. These shoes feature an air-cooled memory foam insole which is important for sweaty little sporty kids! At 8, she still prefers a slip-on or velcro-closure shoe so I’m really glad that Skechers has slip-on styles like this all the way up to size 5 and beyond into adult styles as well (I hate laces when running!)

A note on sparkles! Because Skechers gets it, they also have an impressive selection of Twinkle Toes, S-Lights and even S-Lights for boys. Keep an eye out for these styles in stores and check the out by tapping them on a hard surface to see how they light up when kid’s walk, jump, run and play!

Moving on to the older kids, before you know it you may be shopping in the adult section for shoes for them as well. Thankfully, Skechers also has styles that are still fun, fashionable and well, cool, for this age group even if their feet are bigger than yours. My 11-year-old daughter loved these Skechers Flex Appeal 3.0 – Go Forward women’s shoes when we spotted them at DSW this summer and fortunately, they were also super easy to find online at as well!

Available starting in women’s size 5 (yup, right where children’s shoes leave off, so you can easily transition from children’s shoes to adult easily), these shoes feature the Air Cooled Memory Foam insole I mentioned earlier (once you try it you’ll know why it’s so awesome!) These shoes are super lightweight with a shock absorbing midsole and super flexible traction outsole. You can see in the photo above how flexible the sole is, which I find important when looking at shoes for athletics for kids (some soles are really rigid and don’t offer much flexibility.)

My fifteen year old, as it turns out, has the biggest feet in the house now, so we’re just hoping his shoes last him at least one semester of school before we’ll need to move on to the next. Still, we want to ensure his shoes also have all the benefits and features needed for comfort in day-to-day wear to school or gym class (er…Wellness, it’s no longer called Gym…I don’t know why.)

These men’s Bounder style shoes from Skechers feature the Air Cooled Memory Foam Insole I’m such a fan of, as well as interwoven ventilating panels and a highly flexible articulated midsole and outsole design for freedom of movement. Also, they’re an easy slip-on design which means your teenager can grab and go when catching his ride to school in the morning (because, sleeping in is still a thing.)

In celebrating all things fall and back to routine, I’m giving readers the opportunity to win a pair of athletic shoes of their choice from Skechers Canada (thank you, Skechers!) To enter to win, just fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then, just leave a comment on this post sharing what activity you’d use a new pair of Skechers shoes for this fall (an extra pair for your child for weekend activities, yoga for you this fall, treadmill training once the snow hits, etc.?)


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