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Brrrr Bring In Fall With the Hoover ONEPWR Blade+ Cordless Vacuum

We are definitely back into routine now that the first month of school is behind us. I’m back to my regular routine at home, and that includes getting the house back to normal after a busy summer. Clothing needs to be switched out (I love opening a box of fall sweaters), decor is changed (bring me all the pumpkins) and cleaning tasks are much easier without little feet around during the week.

Our Hoover ONEPwr rechargable batteries in the garage, with our Hoover ONEPwr Task Light nearby, if needed!

Being a Hoover ambassador the past few years means I get the opportunity to try an array of Hoover products in our household. Recently, we were sent several products from the Hoover ONEPWR product line – products useful in the house, yard, and vehicle that are all cordless and all powered by an interchangable, rechargable, battery. In fact, the batteries themselves have become such a part of our household cleaning routine that my husband helpfully put up a shelf on our garage wall to store them, so they’re easily accessible and easy to switch out when needed.

Our main floor is all hardwood, with the exception of a throw rug in the living room. With 5 family members plus a labradoodle, our floors need a quick sweep or vacuum clean up daily – it’s clear when a day or two has been missed so I try not to let that happen.

I need a cordless vacuum that is easy to maneuver, always charged and ready to go, powerful, and one that actually does the job of sucking up everything in its path rather than just whir and make a bunch of noise while minimally working and leaving me frustrated and reaching for a broom and dustpan instead (it’s happened before!)

The Hoover ONEPWR Blade+ Cordless Vacuum meets this criteria. On first blush, the vaccum itself is heavier than others I’ve used recently. It’s not that it’s heavy or bulky to use, per se, but it’s not a lightweight and feels like it’s capable of doing a thorough cleaning job.

The handle has easy to reach fingertip controls for switching to carpet mode, engaging the brush head into action, as well is the ECO mode which will give you a longer battery life. With its Dual Cyclonic DustVault™ Technology, it can capture 99.% of dirt and dust with no loss of suction.

A quick removal of the middle component (AH! Reach Wand! I had no idea what it was called and now we know) and re-attachment made moving from my hardwood entry-way to the carpeted stairway a breeze and took less than a minute to switch. I like the hand-held option for my stairs and the battery powered through with ease. I wouldn’t recommend the Hoover ONEPWR Blade+ for fully carpeted rooms as I didn’t get the same amount of deep-carpet-clean that I would with a full-size vacuum (the brush roll, on the Carpet setting, kept stopping on me on the carpet in my hallway) but it worked fine on the stairs which is what I was hoping for.

Other tools you can switch out instead of the brush head include a dusting brush and crevice tool and upholstery tool.

Oh! I also really liked the DustTracker™ LED Headlights (noted in the photo above) especially for vacuuming in dimly lit areas like along baseboards, under the kitchen island, and behind the pedestal sink in my bathroom. No hidden dust bunnies anymore!

Overall, I liked this new addition to our Hoover ONEPWR Cordless product collection, and it has replaced it’s predecessor on my garage wall. I find it perfect for main-floor cleaning, and I like knowing that I will always have a battery charged and ready, thanks to the easy ONEPWR™ 3.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery and Battery Charger system. Often times I’ll leave the cordless vacuum propped in a corner, and now I know if I grab it a day or two later, even if the battery is nearly drained, another one is charging and ready to go. There’s no stopping my cleaning now. OK, Netflix stops it occasionally BUT OTHERWISE watch me go!

One lucky reader is going to win their own Hoover ONEPWR Blade+ Cordless Vacuum Kit (ARV $349.99). To enter to win, just fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then, just leave a comment on this post sharing why you would love this Hoover product for your household and you’ll be in to win!


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  • This would be perfect for my household. We need something versatile like this. We have a combination of different surfaces in our home and would love something cordless. Totally crossing fingers!

  • I don’t own a vacuum and so this would be extremely useful and oh so needed. I have linoleum, hardwood and carpeted flooring that I use a broom and dustpan to clean. Having a dog makes it really hard to clean my carpet properly. Thank you so much for the opportunity to give the Hoover ONEPWR Blade+ Cordless Vacuum Kit a loving home.

  • I like that this is fairly petite, but also from a brand I know will perform well. Sometimes a big honking vacuum is just too much.

  • It packs a punch as the suction is very strong. It would also help with pet fur and daily maintenance and cleaning stairs.

  • This would be an amazing addition to my cleaning needs. I love that it is versatile to carpet and floors and that the buttons are easy to press and the suction power is wonderful. I love cleaning … yup — I do… so this baby would be put to work in no time.

  • Well, 2 kid + 2 cats + a husband who bikes year round including muddy cyclocross during the fall = a constant mess on my floors!! I could really use this for all the dropped snacks, stray sparkles, cat hair and dirt that ends up on our floors.

  • This would be super useful as our current vaccuum has just stopped working! This Hoover one would be perfect for cleaning up after the kiddos.

  • I would love to have this to vacumn my house which needs to be done daily I didnt know that middle component was called a Reach Wand either

  • I love that it has a light for dim places and that it’s narrow enough to get in those places! We currently just have a shop vac that doesn’t even have attachments so trying to vacuum anything is such a pain that we normally just sweep everything, including our carpeted stairs. This would make our house way easier to clean!

  • this would be useful in my sister’s! household. there is always something everywhere that shouldn’t be. it just wouldn’t stay away

  • My family is in the process of moving into a smaller home right now and our old bulky vacuum has seen better days 🙁 This would be absolutely perfect for our new home! I am crossing my fingers. Thank you for another awesome giveaway! I love this vacuum 🙂

  • We have a golden retriever and fur pick up is a daily requirement. This would be so much faster and more effective then my Swiffer.

  • I like that it can switch out to hand held, which I would need for my stairs as well.I love that it is cordless, no more tripping over the cord or always unplugging and moving to another room.

  • I have a cat and a man that walks through the house with his workboots on. (arg!) I’d love to have a vacuum that I could just grab and go. I have central vac and cleaning up small messes or even a regular vacuum is a chore because the hose is so cumbersome and gets kinked.

  • I love to have a cordless to clean all my floors. I have a all types of floors in my home. Be so much easier than trying to drag an old heavy vacuum around.

  • It would be so useful here since my currentt vaccuum is heavy, uses bags and has a short cord. Doing the stairs is near impossible. I love that this is small, portable, has headlights and doesn’t need a bag. Sounds incredible!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • This vacuum would be great for me because I don’t have a vacuum that will get into all of the little places and especially the stairs

  • I know this Hoover product would be so useful in my household because our current vacuum is on the way out – suction is disappearing and I cannot stand the noise it makes. I like to vacuum a lot but not with our current vacuum.

  • Would love to win this as I have many levels in my house and just as many floor types. This would be great on all the stairs in my house.

  • We have central vac in our home and I find it such a pain to pull out that long hose for vacuuming. This Hoover vacuum would be perfect for quick clean ups.

  • With a household of cats, a dog, and a husband, the floors of my home seem to be dirty ( or loaded with fur) on most days. My old vacuum is a pain to move around, and it does not do a good cleaning job.
    I would love to be an owner of this wonderful vacuum and be able to clean in a timely manner, and get the job done right.

  • I would use this daily and I like that it is light weight and cleans hardwood and carpet. My little dog brings a lot of dirt into my house.

  • This would be useful everywhere in my home as a need a vacuum with enough suction to pick up all the animal hairs!

  • This Hoover OnePWR Blade+ Cordless Vacuum Kit would be used daily in every room of our home for quick & easy clean-ups. The powerful, light weight, cordless, maneuverability in small spaces, rechargeable battery, & multi floor capabilities makes it a “must have” for all homes!

  • My husband is a carpenter and brings so much dust home and in his spare time he is in his studio turning bowls – more sawdust and shavings.

  • This would be perfect for my home as I have a ton of different floor surfaces (carpet, wood, tile) that this would really be a huge time saver!

  • I’m trying to get my daughter to start tidying up more after herself, and also help in the kitchen more. This would be so handy for those small spills that the broom and dustpan are awkward for (like flour!)

  • This would love this it would be easy to vacuum without a cord getting in the way it would be perfect for the stairs

  • This would be great for me to clean up daily messes such as food crumbs from the dog and little fur balls, and just daily cleaning, I like that it’s light so it won’t be hard on my back, and I like that there is no cord to hold me back, I can go where I want!

  • We have 3 stories of stairs that are carpeted. Right now I am lugging s bog shop vac up and my back is killing me. This would help tremendously

  • We have carpeting, ceramic tiles and hardwood flooring so this vacuum would be awesome with the house clean. Pet hair and the spills in the familyroom and kitchen are difficult to keep up with. I love that it’s cordless!

  • oh my gosh this would be amazing!! I have three kiddos, youngest being 14 months and she likes to crumble her food into little pieces on the floor and i have a cat that sheds like crazy. cordless is key

  • This vacuum would be useful in my household as it would be perfect for doing our stairs instead of lugging out our regular corded vacuum.

  • I would love this. I love to clean more than anything and it is my stress reliever from a high pressure job . Would be so great for me and when I done my place I would head over to my kids and parents and use it there

  • This would be perfect for our house! Because it’s cordless it would make it so much easier to clean up all the messes in our home (especially in the kitchen and front entrance) and all the pet hair from my cats and dog.

  • having 3 cats a bunny and a messy teenager i can tell you my back hurts from lugging a heavy vacuum and this looks so light i would love this

  • I have a difficult time with trying to balance the canister and hose without tripping over the cord while I vacuum the stairs. I also have to vacuum when it is sunny so I can see what I am doing as it is pretty dark on the stairs. This vacuum would be lighter, no cord to trip over and I could see the area I am cleaning with the built in light. It would help me clean so much better.

  • This would certainly prevent the danger for me of vacuuming the stairs. No cord makes it so much easier and this will be so much lighter than my heavy stand up vacuum.

  • I love that it’s versatile adapt to any floor surface! I love that it as a light and no cord for my 14 carpeted stairs is awesome!

  • Hoover is a great brand. We love our Hoover we’ve had for 3 years. It’s time for a cordless! With having a dog, 2 kids and asthma we vacuum every day.

  • I would consider vacuuming if I had this amazing item. My husband does all of it because years ago I would vacuum and then he would re-vacuum every room I had just finished, so I figured I may as well let him go nuts and do it all!

  • I think this would be amazing to clean my stairs being that it’s cordless! I also think the light feature would be great for vacuuming under the bed!

  • This would be such a great vacuum to have as my home has a lot of stairs and is a multi level home, cleaning would be quick and easy. No more long heavy central vac cord!

  • This would be great for my whole house and I like that it is cordless and I would be able to see with the light in dark areas.

  • I would love this as my current cannister vacuum is not picking up pet hair and this drives me nuts, this hoover seems ideal and so lightweight too

  • I would love to have this in my house. I have 3 dogs and 3 cats that loose a lot of fur. It would be great to have a super great cordless vacuum to pick up all that pet fur. It’s just such a good size vacuum it looks like it could get into all the corners.

  • I am so tired of dragging around a canister vacuum that takes chunks out of the wall when it runs into it that this hoover vacuum would be a pleasure to use

  • I think this would be useful in my household because with 2 cats we get a lot of furry fluff flying around and it would be so much easier to get this out than the big vacuum cleaner!

  • I’ve got a toddler and a cat and have to sweep the floors and clean everything nearly daily! This vacuum sounds awesome. I like the LED light feature!
    Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  • Would love one of these! A busy household with Two boys and a long haired cat, we need a quicker option than hauling out the central vac hose and accessories for a quick tidy up.

  • We have carpet, and tile, we have a kitten and kids who love to make messes. Need I say more? This would be awesome.

  • My kid is one big walking crumb! He leaves a trail behind everywhere he goes. With having both carpet & flooring on all levels of our house, this would be perfect for switching back & forth. Love that LED light too to look into those “scary” corners of hidden dirt & messes!

  • This would be perfect for our home. We have a two story home and this lightweight cordless vacuum would make vacuuming so much easier. I really like the suction power and the versatility to clean a variety of surfaces like carpet and hardwood.

  • We need this in our house because we are one busy household with kids and pets that are all over the place. Our house also have different floors from hardwood to ceramics to carpet.

  • my back need a lighter vacuum as i have pets and a messy kids im always cleaning and this would be great thank you

  • We could definitely use this in our house. I curse my vacuum everyday! Our house has just hardwood, tile and stamped concrete and a dog and cat running around. We also live in the country which i think doubles all dirt/dust coming in. I love that this one is cordless, perfect for stairs!

  • With 3 littles in the house, there is ALWAYS a mess to be cleaned up! I sweep our kitchen/dining/living room every day and usually mop the dining and kitchen areas daily too. This would be a HUGE timesaver!

  • I have three cats therefore I am constantly lugging around my Hoover upright vacuum. It would be really nice to win this and experience the easiest cleaning that the Hoover ONEPWR Blade+ Cordless Vacuum offers.

  • This vacuum would be perfect for the floors in my boutique salon! We have a bit of carpet in the staff/colour room and crevices that require a stick vacuum.

  • With 5 cats, 1 dog, and a child with umpteen friends running through my house on a daily basis, this would by far be the best gadget I’ve received in years to help me out with my daily routine. Thanks for an amazing giveaway.

  • I babysit so there is always crumbs throughout the day. Also with a large dog & cat it would be helpful to pick up all of the hairs.

  • I would love this for it’s versatility of cleaning different types of floors. We have some carpets and some hardwood floors so this would be awesome. It would be so perfect for those high traffic areas in the house that get dirty and the carpets that pick up pet hair.

  • This would be so helpful cleaning the house, between my teens, animals and husband I need all the help I can get haha

  • I think this Hoover product would be useful in my household because I am constantly vacuuming on an almost daily basis. I also have carpet on my stairs and would love to have an easier way to vacuum them and love that this vacuum caters to both hardwood and carpets with the multi-surface floor nozzle.

  • This would be very useful in my home especially when the grandpuppies come to visit and for our lower back entry and stairs.

  • I’m living beside a construction site and as a result it is a constant battle with dust and dirt so a new vacuum would make a huge difference!

  • Would love to have this vacuum to tackle all the various floor types. With two kids and two cats who shed so much we would definitely put this vacuum to use!

  • Recently moved in two preteens. The bathroom floor and kitchen floor have hair and fake nails all over omg. I’ve lived alone for 20 yrs and I love these girls like they were mine but this is new to me. And incredibly annoying. This is such a cool tool I may go looking for one for Christmas!

  • Not only do I have my own two cats, I usually have a couple of foster kittens too. I vacuum daily and I think this would be so much more convenient to use than my heavy corded vacuum.

  • I love the no cords especially for stairs because the cords on regular vaccuums are never enough or I end up tripping on them and lugging such a huge vaccuum is super hard for me (or any one) on them.
    I also like the led lights for this vaccuum because that means I would be able to see any hidden pet hairs under couches or hard to see places while vaccuuming and get them up and out for my allergies.

  • I could sure use this after falling today when I tripped over the cord of my Hoover upright. As a Senior (67), cordless would be awesome and safe

  • Having this vacuum would help with keeping my floors clean of cat hair, messes from my daughter and cleaning the hair that sheds from myself as well haha.
    It would be much easier with this vacuum with the debris that gets left behind from sweeping in my place.
    All I need is this reliable vacuum to help with my cleaning needs !

    I am grateful for even the chance to enter.

    Good luck to all 🙂

  • This would be so amazing, and a back saver too !! My spouse and I have allergies and we I mean I have to sweep almost on a daily since I had back surgery It’s so hard on my back to constantly be sweeping all the time. This would be a huge help !!

  • This would be great for me because I have such a hardtime doing the stairs with my big bulky vacuum so this would be wonderful to have for stairs. The light is amazing and would be so helpful

  • I would love this for the cordless & headlight features. I’m always accidentally unplugging my current vacuum & I need to see in the dark corners.

  • We could really do with this, our current vacuum is on its way out and we can’t afford a new one. We have three cats, so cat hairs everywhere.

  • I would like To win it because ia something that every women should have at home it clean many type of surfaces and very deep.

  • This has so many cool features ! I love the light down by the floor , i love how it becomes hand held to ! It would be perfect for me and my family !

  • I think it would help me to feel like my floors are actually clean. I fell like its so easy to miss dirt with a broom a dustpan.

  • Would love to this for my house, 1 dog and 2 kids makes for lots of sweeping and vacuuming! This would come in handy!

  • I have two very messy kids. They leave a trail of crumbs everywhere they go. It would be nice to have a light, compact vacuum to follow them around with.

  • We have carpet, tile, and wood floors and I’m sure this would do a great job getting them all spic and span in no time.

  • I would love to win this! It’s so versatile and that’s what I need because of my back problems. Vacuuming is a daily chore for me with a big dog shedding & my hubby & grandson wreaking havoc on my floors. Thanks so much for the wonderful opportunity to win this.

  • Living a a farm there is always dirt tracked throughout the house. Havong a hoover vacumn would be a great asset to clean up the contant dirt that comes with farm living.

  • I have tried a few different vacuums in the past 10 years and have not been happy with any of them! I have yet to try a Dyson so it would be awesome to win one!

  • I love how versatile this tool is! Every nook and cranny would get cleaned – hardwood, tile, or carpet! Thanks for the awesome review.

  • This would be great in my house because of the different floor surfaces. There always seems to be something that needs to be vacuumed and this product sure looks like it will do an excellent job! 🙂

  • At the end of everyday our floor is a disaster. Especially the kitchen and dining area. This machine would make life so much easier.

  • This vacuum would be ideal here in this small apartment. There is mostly bare floors and area rugs with a low pile to them. No thick shag rugs here, making this vacuum ideal here.

  • This would be awesome! I have a small place with no storage so this would be easy to store. Also cordless is a bonus for not many outlets available. thanks for the chance to win!

  • With a currently crawling baby, keeping the floors clean is very important but two boys, a dog, and a husband can make that…. changing. A great versatile vacuum would make all the difference!

  • This would be perfect for my use as I have plush carpet, hardwood ,tile and multiple of rugs !!! Plus tiny dark areas !!! Also I have ostioarthritis and your stik would be easy to use and light enough not to cause pain + cleaner house !!! Thank You for the opportunity to try and win this lovely and Fabulous vacuum !!! 😀🤗👍

  • With a house full of 3 kids, 5 grand kids, 1 great grandson & a black, fuzzy, shedding cat I absolutely need this vacuum! Especially the cordless part and the hand held capability! It would be so handy to clean up the kitty litter around her litter box and the dusting attachment would really be put to the test! I have vinyl, carpet & tile floor and a lot of stairs!

  • My vacuum is old and crappy. We will be getting new Flores throughout the house. This is absolutely perfect for me !!!.

  • I really need this type of vacuum. Cordless is the way to go. I’m an older woman and pulling out my heavy old vacuum finding a plug and moving from room to room and plug to plug is real pain. With this machine I could do one room a day with no straining myself. Hallelujah!

  • With cats, dogs, a baby and very limited time, I feel like this is needed especially with 2 flights of stairs in a 3 story townhouse.

  • Why I think this hoover product would be good in our home is because I have kids that run in and out of the house and they bring in the outdoors and the dog likes to make messes with her food. This hoover would be perfect for quick pick ups through out the house.

  • I would love to win this vacuum because I have dogs who shed and so much dust around . This would definitely help me clean up and get ready London UK visitors for Xmas

  • This Hover would be so great for me as I have a 2 story home and different floor types. I also great that it has the reach wand and lights!

  • Love this awesome vacuum with headlights!! Totally Awesome! LOVE it being cordless!! Sounds perfect for both our hardwood floors and our carpet!! Love to win this…it would be a REAL DREAM come TRUE!! LOVE Hoover Products!!

  • I’ve used slot of different vacuums , and my brother has one like the one your giving away . I used it and just loved it. Which I have many different floors in the cabin to clean . Thanks for the chance.

  • My bf tracks dirt around from his work boots and with 2 dogs running around there’s always hair! Not having to hassle with a giant cord (we have central vac) would make it SO much easier and convenient to clean up messes around the house!!

  • My bf tracks dirt around from his work boots and with 2 dogs running around there’s always hair! Not having to hassle with a giant cord (we have central vac) would make it SO much easier and convenient to clean up messes around the house!!

  • Easy, light weight vacuum to use. Helps make cleaning all types of flooring and surfaces a breeze! Hope I win one of the best vacuums on the market!

  • Hoover might be perfect in my household because I have a one-year-old, a dog and a cat that make a huge mess

  • I live in a multi level house with 6 sets of hardwood stairs connecting each level. We have two large long haired dogs and the amount of dog hair that gathers on the stairs is unbelievable. To have a cordless vacuum to help with this endless chore would be a dream.

  • this Hoover looks so cool! I would love to use this on our stairs, the basement stairs after less than a week have cobwebs in the corners and little tufts of cat fur. I’m always dragging our upright vacuum up and down to clean. a brand new stick vac from Hoover would be so much better.

  • I think this would easy and fast for cleanups throughout the day. So easy, in fact, that my boys could do it!

  • Oh this specific vacuum sounds like a dream to use on my tiles, hardwood floors, wood stairs, carpeted basement & carpeter stairs. But it doesn’t end there…. I would use it in curtains, furniture, ultimately to battle the messes of 6 people & a dog.

  • I have pets who like to shed, and I would love to have something light weight and easy to use to clean up after them.

  • Neither my vacuum nor I are aging well. I can’t do anything about my age but I sure could use a new light weight vacuum.

  • This would be perfect for my house. It is light and easy to get in every corner and I have carpeted stairs too that I need a good vacuum on.

  • Now this sounds like a fabulous vacuum! My baby is crawling, and my other two kiddos definitely don’t help with mess. The convenience sounds amazing! I’ve always wanted a cordless vacuum, plus mine is over 10 years old and LOUD and lacks suction for sure!

  • I would find this very handy, especially since my house is not carpeted (except for the stairs). I like that it is easily portable.

  • i love that it is cordless, that would make my going around the house so much easier not being attached to a power outlet! and it would be so useful in my house with all my pets who shed constantly! ;))

  • It would be really useful in my house. I need something that’s fast, lightweight and easy. I’ve got 7 kids and 3 cats. My current vacuum is old and puts more dust in the air then it sucks up. It looks like something the kids may just have fun doing…this would be a very good thing

  • I would love this for my house, my flooring goes from laminate and tile then carpet, this would be so helpful!

  • We have two boys and a non-stop shedding dog…crumbs, fur, dirt, dust…is sadly our household NORMAL! Not embarrassed to say, we NEED this vacuum kit!

  • I love that this has so many options. My home has a mixture of hardwood floor, carpets and tiles! This will certainly help to make my cleaning task easier and faster!

  • I have always had Hoover in my home. When we were young we did the Hoovering, not the vacuuming….. interesting memory for sure. I could do with an upgrade from my current Hoover. It would be a most welcome change to my home. Fingers crossed as I will continue to “hoover” my home. Best regards to all.

  • We moved before the summer and still don’t have a vacuum so this would be great for our vinyl and tile flooring with 2 messy kids and 4 cats!

  • With 3 cats, a dog a two kids this would be a life saver.
    No mess can stay in one room. Sand, litter and glitter make its way across all my surfaces.

  • Kids, pets, & a chronic illness are all why I need one of these! Need something I can quickly & easily whip out for all that mess!

  • I have 3 children, 2 dogs, 3 cats and my Husband and I in one active household. With this vacuum we could get the dust before it turned into tumbleweeds, all the hair on the furniture, and all places that dirt might find a place to accumulate- it would take less time and do a better job than the my old push vacuum.

  • I’ve always wanted a great vacuum cleaner. My daughter has one and it is so impressive I need one. Thanks

  • The kids all have chores. This Hoover would be a great introduction on how to vacuum properly with proper tools!

  • I have different floor surfaces and dogs so this would help me a lot. I have a hard time keeping the floors clean.

  • I have 2 young girls who often bring messes from the outside in, and leave lots of remnants on the floor during meals. I need something to help me clean up that I can easily grab and works quickly and efficiently. This Hoover sounds great!

  • It would be very handy to clean my pet’s mess and in general the entire house. I think it would make my cleaning routine way easier.

  • We ave different type of flooring so this would be useful without having to buy different equipment and switching from one to another while cleaning.

  • We have different type of flooring so it would be convenient to cleaning without change equipment and also save on storage space as I don’t ave much room.

  • My vacuum died on my, so now I have to use my shop vac. It may be loud but it doesn’t do what I need it to do and I have a big furry dog that has taken over my home.

  • The versatility and convenience of this cordless vacuum would be the reason I put away forever the clunky awkward central vac I’ve been using.

  • I’m a busy shift working nurse and mom. I would love this as something light and cordless to vacuum my wood floors instead of pulling my clunky heavy vacuum out all the time! This would be so beneficial!

  • I think it would be very helpful because I would not have to lug the old vacuum around it is heavy and too many parts . I would love to have this Hoover vacuum.

  • I’d love to win this for those in-between big cleaning times. With 3 dogs and 4 grandchildren, the mess is real!

  • This would be perfect for our tiny little house because we don’t have room to maneuver a big standard vacuum.

  • Hahaha with 10 Children and 2 Granddaughter, I think this explains it all =) Oh almost forgot our Cat Hahah Epic Giveaway – Thank you for the chance

  • This hoover product would be useful in my house because I have a 10 month old and need my floors clean so she doesn’t eat stuff she finds on the floor! Peace of mind for Momma! And my old vacuum sparks when i plug it in.

  • this would be great with the diff types of floors in each room of the house. i usually use the swiffer for the tiles/hardwood and the vacuum for the carpet. this would be much easier to use one.

  • We have three different flooring in the house and this Hoover vacuum would make it much easier. Also being cordless is a big plus for me as I do a lot of the vacuuming, of course I make a lot of the mess also so it’s only fair. Dragging around a big 20 year old vacuum can really hurt my back sometimes.

  • My current vacuum is very heavy and because my dog sheds so much I think this would be great to take out on a daily basis.

  • It looks so versatile! And compact which is very appealing! I’d love to have it in my home help me discover all the pet hair in the nooks and crannies. Thanks!

  • I think this would be perfect for my household because we have kids, pets and carpeted stairs. My vacuum has to be powerful, durable and convenient to use.

  • This product would be so useful to me because I have tile, hardwood and rugs. It would be so nice not to have to use different things to do what this product can do in one.

  • I like the DustTracker™ LED Headlights so I would be able to find all the dust that it hiding in tricky places.

  • I think this would be helpful on the carpeted stairs , my cats sleep on them and using my big bulky vacuum is a pain .

  • I have a 100 lb mastiff, three boys and a “creative” husband. I am always cleaning or helping others clean. Would LOVE to win this!

  • Love how easy and compact this looks. Would be perfect to handle my hardwood/tile floors. Also love the stair option! So perfect!

  • Our vacuum is corded and awkward and corners and hard to reach areas get missed. As for the basement, good luck getting the vacuum down there. Add a dog and lots of hair and dust and… help!

  • This would be great to have on hand for daily tidying. We have two cats and a pug and I am always trying to keep their hair and dander at bay.

  • Being cordless and lighter weight, it will make it easier for my kids to participe in the quick tidy up job that vacuuming does. Who are we kidding? It’ll make it easier for us parents too!

  • I would be so happy to win this prize because it would cut down my cleaning time considerably since I can use it on all floor types.

  • I have yet to find a vacuum that I can afford and love, so this would be awesome. We have kids and dogs and a mix of carpet and hardwood. Its also a dark brown so every dust and dirt particle show so it should be cleaned often. So it would be great to actually enjoy using a product that works well and make it a bit more enjoyable!

  • This would be super awesome to have because between an Australian Shepherd and two indoor cats, nothing is safe from the floof.

  • Its time to get this portable, handy, easy and useful hoover, we have an old over 10 year low or no suction entrak vac thats so jorrid to use, i can pick up more crumbs by leaning down than uaing our old one, oh really would love to have this at uime for that crumbs, as I do loce to cook and that messy hair on the floor, not to mention i got my dog making a mess everywhere, oh this would make a great milestone birthday.

  • It would be so much easier having a vac that does a good job without having to drag a cord behind it.
    My back would thank me.

  • Would be amazing to use on my rugs at home. I have a tough time getting kitchen area done to my standards so I’m sure this would help.