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Back To School With Premium Label Outlet

It’s August, so I’m totally able to talk about back to school shopping without my kids screaming like I’ve injured a lost puppy. They still mutter and complain, mind you, but once August hits they know the countdown is on and I know parents have that countdown nailed.

Throughout the years, it’s always been easier to shop with my daughters than with my son, and as he gets older it gets increasingly difficult. Picky? Not at all? A shrug as the answer? Most definitely. So, before our recent back to school shop at Premium Label Outlet I wasn’t sure how things would go. I knew that – like always – the store would be full of brand-name quality clothing at discounted prices (30-70% off everyday), but I wasn’t sure if we’d survive a mom-and-son trip stress free. I had no reason to worry, as it turns out.

Not only was the store a stress-free environment for shopping because it’s impeccably clean and organized every time I’m there (you all know how annoying certain stores can be with their clothing piled in heaps and on the floor), but the store itself is a laid-back no-pressure atmosphere with helpful staff (Regina store manager Mike is ah-mazing). I decided a less-is-more approach was the way to go, and wandered over to the ladies area to browse while my teenage son (15) took a look on his own, with the store manager nearby to help and give him some suggestions along the way.

Hoodies, tee’s, jackets, shoes, hats, everything you need for a teen’s wardrobe is here (yes, even underwear and socks). I can always find great hoodies at Premium Label Outlet (my son’s wardrobe staple) from brands like Hurley, Under Armour, Billabong, Fox, Quicksilver and more.

While I think Premium Label Outlet is known as more of a skate/snowboard attire store based on the brands they carry, this isn’t entirely true. Brands are brought in all the time, and this summer I’ve noticed more Puma in store, for example. We found awesome athletic shoes for back to school for my son – but if you’re a DC or Vans fan, there’s a ton of great options for these big name brands too.

See what I mean about that great organization and clean store? Shelves like this give me goosebumps. Jeans, shorts, dresses, swimsuits, it’s all here and discounted 30-70% off. I’ve compared the exact same Brunette Label sweatshirts at Premium Label Outlet to a store in the mall and the shirt at Premium Label Outlet was $30 less than the other store!

While you’re busy shopping for back to school clothing, don’t forget to check out the huge selection (this is one of three displays in store) of backpacks from brands like Volcom, Hurley, Billabong and more! Premium Label Outlet definitely knows they need to have a TON of backpacks available to select from because of their awesome back to school promo:

Spend $200 before tax on already hugely discounted name brands, and pick any backpack ($65 and under) for free between August 1 -31st! Sweet deal, right? (It really is, I went into another store in the same mall later that day and couldn’t believe the prices on backpacks, and congratulated myself again on my savvy shopping getting at least 1 of mine for free this year!)

August is here, September is just within reach, and soon enough the kids will be back in school, back to routine, and we’ll be talking about Chri….OK nevermind, I won’t go that far. The point is, what’s left of our summer should be spent by the kids enjoying the sunshine and freedom of no schedule and no responsibility – not stuck in store after store with mom trying to find clothes you can both agree on at a price she won’t freak out about. Check out Premium Label Outlet and, you might just have a decent shopping day with your kid as a result.

We’re lucky here in Regina to have a Premium Label Outlet in the east end of the city in Victoria Square Mall (seriously, ask for Mike to help you out, but the rest of his staff is awesome too). Other lucky communities with a Premium Label Outlet include Saskatoon, Victoria, Langley, Prince George and Kelowna!

One lucky reader living near any of the communities listed above is going to win a $100 Premium Label Outlet gift card (note that online shopping isn’t available, so you’d need to be able to redeem the gift card in store) To enter to win, just fill in your name and email address below and tell us which location is closest to you! Have you been yet?


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