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Introducing Budsies!

By Lisa Dutton

From the pencil hitting the paper to picking up his highly anticipated package from the mailbox, creating his own Budsies was truly the most magical experience for my son.  I feel as kids get older, they get harder to impress.  My oldest son is 10 years old and very artistic.  When I asked him if he wanted to draw something and have it professionally manufactured into a plushie, his eyes lit up with excitement.  Instead of using one of his prior creations, he decided to start from scratch.  He created what was ultimately a very simple drawing, but reflective of a some of the pop-culture he is currently into.  He was very selective about the colours he used.  I remember at the time wondering if they would match up when we actually received the character.

Once his drawing was complete, I simply took a photo of it on my phone at uploaded it to  The site is super easy to navigate and very user friendly. 

You are able to answer a few key questions about your child’s creation, in which my son got into specifics that were obviously very helpful. 

I say that because when it arrived, it was simply perfect. Budsies nailed it.  There is a bit of a wait time between uploading your photo, ordering, and waiting for your Budsie to arrive.  However, the wait is broken up by a couple of fun check-in’s where you child is actually able to “approve” their Budsie prototype!  The plushie itself is SO well made, soft and the colours are perfectly matched.  The only issue is now my younger son is SEETHING with jealousy!  

A Budsie is something special.  It is personal, and a little bit of your child’s heart is in it.  The price is a consideration, but is comparable to other specialty toys stores like Build A Bear or American Girl. Jesse loves his Budsie.  Can’t wait for the next adventure Budsies!

Disclosure: This is a post in partnership with Lisa was provided a code to redeem for her custom Budsies in exchange for an honest review.


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