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Hello Aleva Naturals!

By Brittany Caffet

The long, cold winter was very hard on our entire family’s skin, but especially Elizabeth’s! Now that spring is here, we’re taking extra care to get her back to being baby smooth! We’ve turned to Aleva Naturals to help us on our journey back to soft, healthy skin. Their entire range of products is made with ingredients that are natural, pure, and completely safe to use on every member of the family!

Before each and every bath time, we reach for Aleva Naturals’ Baby Skincare Essentials! The 2 in 1 Hair & Body Wash makes washing Elizabeth’s hair faster and easier than ever before. She normally hates having her hair washed, but the self-foaming bottle makes it so much fun for her! She is always so excited to see the bubbles! This product works fantastically on Elizabeth’s thick hair, but is also gentle enough to use on even the smallest of babies.

Elizabeth also absolutely adores the Berry Bubble Bath! It makes for such a fun bath time, smells delicious, and moisturizes her skin while she plays with her toys in the tub! A little bit of this product goes a long way – you only need 2 or 3 capfuls to fill your bath with tons of luxurious bubbles.

Before bed each night, Elizabeth gets a massage with the Sleep Easy Calming Lotion. Not only does this lotion work incredibly well to soothe her dry skin, it also smells AMAZING! It is made using pure lavender and camomile oils that leave Elizabeth (and me after massaging her!) completely relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep!

A bad cough and cold has been going around lately, and both Elizabeth and I unfortunately picked it up! Thankfully, we’ve found some products from Aleva Naturals that make dealing with illness a little bit less painful. We’ve begun incorporating the Soothing Comfort Chest Rub into Elizabeth’s bedtime massage when she is congested. The scents of eucalyptus and lavender really clear out her airway, helping her breathe easy and sleep soundly all night long!

We’ve been using Aleva Naturals’ Bamboo Baby Innovative Wipes like crazy since we got sick! The Bamboo Baby Nose ‘n’ Blows Wipes are perfect for getting rid of all of those pesky boogies and are so much more gentle on your little one’s nose than traditional tissues! Elizabeth also seems to want to snack more when she isn’t feeling well, which leads to lots of extra mess on her hands and face throughout the day. The Bamboo Baby Hand ‘n’ Face Wipes make cleaning her up when we are out and about a total breeze! All of the packages of innovative wipes are small enough to fit easily into your diaper bag or even in the console of the car.

We are busy preparing for the arrival of our baby boy in September, and I can’t wait to put him in these Bamboo Baby Diapers! They are incredibly soft and are free from chemicals – perfect for a newborn baby’s sensitive skin! We also plan on using the Bamboo Baby Ultra Sensitive Wipes on our son! They are perfume free, ultra-soft and extra-strong, which will definitely come in handy when we are cleaning up those especially icky newborn dirty diapers!

Aleva Naturals isn’t only geared toward your children – they have an entire line dedicated to mamas! I’ve been using a few products from their Maternal Care line, and I’ve been so pleased with the results. The Stretch Mark Cream smells amazing and makes my skin feel so soft. This product is perfect for applying to your growing belly and all other areas that will most likely do a bit of growing during pregnancy, including your breasts, hips, and thighs. I’ve also been using the Nursing Balm to help prepare myself for baby’s arrival! Using it before you give birth can help soothe any sensitivity or pain you’re experiencing, and it can also help improve elasticity (which will definitely help during those first few weeks of breastfeeding).

Aleva Naturals has such a diverse line of products, all of which I am completely confident using on any member of our family! Finding a company that I can trust to care about my family’s skin as much as I do is such a relief!

One lucky reader is going to win a huge selection of Aleva Naturals products including:

– 2-in-1 hair & body wash

– Sleep easy calming lotion 

– Berry Bubble Bath

– Soothing Comfort Chest Rub

 – Bamboo Baby Diapers (Size NB-1)

 – Bamboo Sensitive Wipes

 – Bamboo Hand ‘n’ Face Wipes 

– Bamboo Nose ‘n’ Blose wipes 

– Stretch Mark Cream 

– Nursing Balm 

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  • OH I have such dry skin in the winter months and I have noticed that my summer feet (the heels) are quite nasty …I do need some sort of cream thats for sure

  • The products all sound like they would be fantastic products to use daily I never knew that there was a stretch mark cream this would be great The berry bubble bath sounds awesome I like that the products are safe to use on every family member

  • I had never heard of the Aleva Naturals line of products before I read this post! I am especially interested in finding these products in the store(s), and I am especially interested in the ‘Sleep Easy Calming Lotion’!

  • These look like such great products. A coworker is due with her second after 8 years so I would love to win this for her.

  • Everyone in my family is super-sensitive (irritable Scottish genes, lol), so I always appreciate a line that caters to our skin needs.

  • I do look for products that are perfume free, ultra-soft and extra-strong so Aleva Naturals sound so wonderful.

  • I enjoyed reading the reviews of these products. It sounds like there are many products for a busy family that are beneficial. The Sleep Easy Calming Lotion sounds great for helping to settle a child before bedtime. I think I need to try it when I can’t sleep. Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your son!

  • I had never heard of Aleva Naturals until I read this review. I really want to look for these products in store now. They sound like something that I would enjoy using.

  • I’ve always really loved Aleva products – the foaming cleanser was one of the first I used on my daughter, and the scent always brings me back to those newborn days.

  • I’ve used many of the products in the Aleva baby and moms lines. I love the way they smell! The Sleep Easy wash/shampoo is a particular favourite! I totally agree with your statement about the Nose wipes! So much nicer for little noses than traditional tissues (and they clean up the mess better too!).

  • These products sound amazing! Will definitely try the night time calming one on my son as he has some really dry skin patches!

  • I love that the 2 in 1 Hair & Body Wash works well on your daughter’s thick hair – my daughter has thick hair too, so this gives me hope! I also love the sound of all the wipes, particularly those for the nose, hands and face – they sound like just what I need for my kids and their sensitive skin!

  • Wow this is an awesome prize pack! Thx very much for the informative review on these natural, pure, & completely safe products for every member of the family!

  • I love the company as well. I use it for my son and cant wait to try the nipple cream. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win more of their products I can try!

  • I didnt realize there was so many different items in this line. I’ve used one of their products before and I love the smell.

  • fabulous review! I LOVE Aleva Naturals and use them for my baby girl . I didn’t know they had diapers!

  • I have tried a few Aleva products and they are incredibly gentle especially for my L.Os. Would love to try all the items in this lovely prize pack.

  • Sounds like a great brand. I’ve used the nose and blows wipes for my little guy and really liked them, they seemed nice and soft (and moist) for a sore, dry nose! I’d love to try the diapers in particular! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  • Great to learn about other Aleva products! The baby wipes were our absolute favorite when my kiddo was a baby!

  • I love Aleva products! We use the nursing balm for more than just nipples. It helps scratches and minor cuts heal faster too! My husband even recommends it to people! I like the baby wipes because I know they are safe to use on baby’s bottom or face. I keep a pack in my bag all the time for wiping faces etc. Aleva is the best!

  • I’m happy you mentioned these products are great for moms. Mom’s skin can be so sensitive, especially post partum.

  • I have not heard of this brand before so it’s great to read detail review about it. Love learning about new products.