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Bring Out The TV Producer In Your Kids

By Lisa Dutton

My creative kids have found a fun new pastime with StikBots!  These adorable collectibles are so much more that figurines, they are actors!  
The StikBot “zanimation” studio brings your child’s imagination to life through stop-motion video.  StikBot Zanimation Studios ($29.99) come with unique Stikbots and accessories.  Our studio included StikBot pets!

My boys felt like legit television producers setting up the Z-Screen (mimics a TV green screen) and prop boxes.  Download the FREE mobile app, STIKBOT STUDIO, to create your animation!  You can even brag about it after by sharing it with the #Stikbot hashtag!

While my boys (5 and 10 yrs old) enjoyed setting up the studio and shooting their video, they also really enjoy free play with the StikBots.  Their little suction cup hands and feet allow you to stick them to windows and walls, my house is under a StikBot invasion!  They don’t cause any damage to paint and are easy to clean up and store.  A welcome addition to the toy room! 

Kits like ours can be found at Amazon, Walmart, and Mastermind Toys.


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