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4 Notable Canadian Companies to Check Out Now

I read a news headline the other day that made me shake my head. It was highlighting the fact that a Canadian television show was mentioned on a US television show. In 2019, this is still somehow a mark of achievement in our country (it made the news, after all) and that’s odd to me. Here in Canada we have so much to give, so much to be proud of, and I don’t think we need the recognition from the US entertainment industry as much as we once thought we did.

With that in mind, I thought I’d share some Canadian companies and websites that you may or may not be aware of – in the hopes that you now have an easy reference point for each of them, depending on what you’re looking for!

Based here in Regina, SK, Wine Sloth Clothing proclaims that “you work hard and deserve some time to get comfy, pour a glass- and just “Wine Sloth” around for a while.” I agree! You can find clothing like this Boyfriend Sweatshirt on the website and have it shipped to your door anywhere in Canada.

TDot Performance is actually a Dragon’s Den success story! Whether you’re a dad who has a sweet Mustang in the garage that you show off in the summer only, a retired professional with a gorgeous motorcycle that you’ve coveted owning for years (and it’s finally yours!) or a busy mom and family matriarch who drives a sweet SUV, chances are you’ve encountered the frustration of buying auto parts and accessories and discovered the ridiculous prices attached to them. Searching online, it’s painful to see how much less Americans pay for these same parts. Sure, we Canadians can shop online but after customs, duties and brokerage fees the price isn’t so sweet in the end. TDot Performance brings these products direct to your door right here in Canada – with low prices and without those fees – all while offering you free shipping.

Mabels Labels was created in 2003, when three moms discovered there was a gap in the Canadian market for personalized, waterproof name labels and tags for “kids stuff”. I’ve been using them for many years, and discovered that as my kids grow, they don’t outgrow the need for labels. In addition, many items in our household have a need for labels as well (I just stuck one on our garbage bin, after a neighbour complained about his disappearing!)

This company blew my mind, and most likely it’s because when I first heard about it, it was shortly after returning from a family vacation to Mexico where I lost money on the exchange rate both ways. I know I’m not alone in this. You take your Canadian funds to the bank and the rate is the rate. There’s no negotiation and that’s just the way it is. Could I have gotten a better rate had I waited a few days? Maybe, but who has time for that? Then, when I returned, the rate for the exchange back to Canadian funds was again “not so good” according to the sympathetic bank teller. Should I have kept my pesos and returned to the bank a few more times, watching the CAD forecast until I got a better rate? Again, I don’t have time for that. It is what it is. Or so I thought! NOW, you too will know this little secret that I can’t wait to use on my next family holiday: KnightsbridgeFX is an online company that saves you the hidden fees banks change to exchange your funds. You can get exchange rates up to 2% higher than the banks, without leaving your house. You simply sign up for an account (it takes 5 minutes), book your exchange rate, and then using online bill payment/bank transfers at your bank, you get the converted funds sent to your bank account either same day or next day, at a rate better than your bank. Mind blown? Me too.

As Canadians, we take pride in our own doing well. We love a good success story and celebrate it but in writing this I realized something. One Canadian attribute we have may actually be hurting us. We’re humble. We love to support each other but we don’t like to brag. Advertising, in a way, is bragging about your business and product but it’s a necessity for success. Maybe we’re too humble, and polite, to aggressively get out there and advertise as much as we should. Whatever the case, I’m glad you took the time to read this post today, and hopefully should you or someone you know have a need or want for one of these businesses this spring – you’ll now know exactly what business to visit online! Happy shopping!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, though all opinions are as always my own!


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