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Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby

Baby Alive has always been popular with little ones because not only does Baby Alive help teach children how to care for their little baby, it’s also nice for them to have a little friend who is growing up right along with them!

Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby is wearing big kid undies and she needs to go potty! Kids can share important moments with their baby by helping her pretend to use the potty. When this doll is thirsty, fill the water bottle with water and give her a drink. Now it’s potty time. Hold baby’s hands and she’ll do a potty dance. Help her on the potty and she’ll sing and go “pee-pee”! Don’t worry, the only place she goes is in the potty so there’s no mess.

Remember to pretend to wash her hands and put a sticker on her rewards chart to show her she did an awesome job! Little ones will love dressing this poseable doll in the included outfit, combing her hair and listening to all the silly things this doll says (Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby says over 50 phrases!)

Look for Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby at ($49.97), Walmart ($52.96), and Toys R Us ($49.97).

We’ve got Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby set aside for one lucky reader! To enter to win, just fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then leave a comment on this post sharing one potty training tip that worked in your household (oh I don’t envy those on that journey right now!)


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  • My tip is to be consistent–first thing in morning–after breakfast-midmorning-after nap-midafternoon-before supper-after supper-before bath-at bedtime. Consistency is the main thing.

  • I wish I had a potty training tip! My niece only started going on the actual potty when she had a horrible horrible diaper accident that ended up down her leg, and she was so disgusted she started using the potty right away. lol

  • I found that they child has to want to be trained forcing them usually doesn’t work the best and when they are ready be consistent take them hourly to the potty

  • I tried to make potty training fun. I would sing “Pee pee in the potty” and dance around. When they actually peed I would clap my hands and act so excited.

  • My best tip is to start early, like newborn early! If you hold your baby over the potty after naps and when they wake in the morning they’ll always know what the potty is and what it’s for!

  • Toys like this are helpful. But also just letting them be curious about the potty and potty training process, and learning their cues. Thanks!

  • My tip is not to give up! hahahaha! I always say it’s one of the most difficult parts of parenting. I have 4 and it’s never been easy. I am about to start potty training my youngest and I am already dreading it. You just have to be on top of it.
    Wish me luck and patience! hahahaha

  • Honestly I hated potty training. I would have paid someone to return my child to me fully trained. My biggest tip is to wait until they’re ready and not to push it. My boys were all ready right around their third birthday.

  • I closed us into the bathroom for about an hour and while he sat on the toilet I gave him LOTS of water, juice and milk to drink and then… surprise… he peed right in the toilet!! He was so surprised and then pleased with himself when it happened I will never forget that look on his face!

  • my son was the easiest , just showed him what and how to do it , kept up a routine, then bought him .. big boy underwear which he picked out and after the first time he peed and it ran down his leg he hated that and never peed in them again! now my daughter.. another story!

  • I had my boys 15 months apart. I know — Wow . When my youngest was 1 year old, I just told him he needed to start using the toilet and took him off the bottle. I really didn’t want to have 2 babies in diapers. That was that. lol

  • I had boys so when it come to showing them to stand up to pee I throw cheerios in the toilet and told them to aim at them and make them move

  • My potty training tip for my youngest granddaughter was to watch her 2 older sisters who are 6 and 8. She caught on almost right away.

  • We just got my granddaughter trained, what helped with her is she wanted to go to school and we told her she has to be trained first to go to school, and it worked, she has had a few mistakes, but all in all she did pretty good!!

  • Constant praise and little treats worked for my daughter. My son that was a different story. Nothing seemed to work.

  • The main one that worked in my home was to let the child take the lead. I had no thoughts about potty training my oldest at the time, but just around a year old she took a real interest in using the potty. I ignored it, thinking it was way too early, but then my friends with older kids advised that if she was taking the lead on it, I should act on it, so I did. They were right, she was totally ready! And then with my second, I tried to get her interested around age 2, but she wanted nothing to do with it, and trying to keep pushing it didn’t work at all, so I had to wait a bit longer until she was ready.

  • Hmmmm….. I can offer no good advice, except a lot of encouragement and something that your kid REALLY wants (in our case, a McDonald’s Happy Meal).

  • I took a week off work and went cold turkey. I spent the whole week at home with my son, always at arm length to really focus on potty training. It worked! I will do the same for my daughter when she turns 2.

  • Try to be consistent once you start and every child is different so accept the fact that one child may not train as easily as another.

  • After they eat or drink, just take them to the potty shortly after. They start to get the hang of it. Also, let them pick out some “big girl” or “big boy” underwear that they like. It’s a positive because they have some input and are proud of them.

  • Help them throw away their diapers and put some of their favourite character underwear where the diapers used to be. Never go back to diapers from that point so they do not get confused.

  • Not sure that I have any potty training tips but what was very funny was walking into the bathroom and finding the one who should be on the little potty, on the big one with her older sister on the little one.

  • we would sit the little one on the toilet and sit there with them while we were reading a picture book to them and try to stay there until there was a tinkle in the potty….after which there would be a lot of praise heaped on the little one and maybe even a treat when we left the bathroom

  • I potty trained our daughter and my husband trained our sons. We used the reward system and it worked out pretty well.

  • My best tip is to wait until they are ready. Some kids are ready much sooner than others and it is a much nicer experience for everyone if the timing is right.

  • My son was a bit hard to train but what finally worked was picking up a book in the library on the subject & reading it to him. Apparently all the words & techniques were very similar to what we were already doing but if it was written in a book it must be believed and done. Go figure.

  • I am at that stage with my 23m old girl. She isn’t there yet. My son was much easier to train. I made up a song for when they go on the potty and they love to sing it

  • funny true story…so my sons 2 yrs older then my daughter…i’m changing her, he sees the poo…pukes in his hand and was fully potty trained (he had only been using the potty to pee in)

  • We talked A LOT about what happens to the pee and poop once it goes in the potty. We also did a few sticker chart starting with only a couple of successes and moving our way up