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Christmas is for kids. Nothing beats seeing a toddler’s eyes light up looking at the Christmas tree, or a grade-schooler’s glee opening up a coveted gift. Of course, we can include all the kids at heart in that list as well but even as an adult we know that the wonder and excitement of Christmas is the best as a child. And, I mean let’s be real here, it meant toys too! If we were lucky, several new toys on Christmas morning.

Now, as an adult it can be hard to figure out what to get little ones (especially as your own little ones become not so little anymore and you lose touch with what the hottest talking plush or car on TV is!) Funrise Toys has you covered, parents, aunts and uncles and grandparents! Here are some of the most talked-about toys by the 3+ age set:

Batman Racer

The Herodrive Batman Racer is the ultimate Batman vehicle for little hands. This exciting motorized vehicle features lights, engine sounds, and music that bring the action to life! Transform the vehicle into race mode by pushing the windshield forward to make the wings pop out. Push the logo on the hood for unique Batman sounds, then push it again to send the Batman Racer racing forward with its cape flying behind! Batteries included.
Ages 3+ | $29.99 | Toys”R”Us Canada, Home Hardware

Tonka Power Movers Dump Truck

This rugged Dump Truck features new Motion Drive Technology allowing for fun and intuitive play that brings the action to life! With Motion Drive Technology, push the vehicle forward to make the engine rev and activate the lights; push the vehicle
backward to hear back-up sounds; work the dump bed to hear hydraulic sounds and flash the lights.
Ages 3+ | $24.99 | Toys “R” Us & Walmart Canada, Home Hardware

Sunny Bunnies Bunny Blabbers

Have you heard of Sunny Bunnies? They are a YouTube sensation with 644K subscribers on the Sunny Bunnies channel! Take a look at the link, but don’t say I didn’t warn you when the song gets STUCK in your head for the rest of the day.

The funny Sunny Bunnies are now available as talkative plush characters! Big Boo, Shiny, Iris, Turbo, and Hopper each blabber
beyond belief! Press the bunny’s belly to hear them make unique and silly sounds. These chatterboxes are ready for fun and
excitement! Collect them all to have biggest Bunny Blabber party!
Appropriate for ages 3 and up. Batteries included.
Ages 3+ | $12.94 Each | Walmart Canada

Bunny Blast Playset

The Sunny Bunnies blast off in an acrobatic adventure with this exciting playset! Push the launch button to see Big Boo, Shiny, Iris, Turbo, and Hopper soar out of the cannon. Will your favourite bunny be the one to fly the farthest? The Bunny Blast Playset
includes 1 Bunny Blast Cannon and all 5 Sunny Bunnies.
Ages 3+ | $24.94 | Walmart Canada

Sunny Bunnies Light Up and Bounce Assortment

The Sunny Bunnies are now available as bouncing balls of light! Soft and springy Big Boo, Shiny, Iris, Turbo, and Hopper each light up when bounce or shake them! Made of super-soft plush, these bouncing balls are perfect for little hand and tons of fun! Collect them all! Batteries included.
Ages 3+ | $9.94 Each | Walmart Canada

Here’s an amazing way to jump start your Christmas shopping! One of my readers is going to win ALL the items seen above:

Batman Racer
Sunny Bunnies Bunny Blabbers
Sunny Bunnies Light Up and Bounce
Sunny Bunnies Bunny Blast Cannon
Tonka Power Movers Dump Truck

Total estimated prize value is $115.74 but winning all these gifts and crossing that shopping off your list? Priceless! Good luck everyone!


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