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XPand Laces Giveaway

You’ve probably seen the videos on social media about XPand Laces (or maybe you even saw Ellen DeGenerous tweet about it!) but if not, here’s what you’ve been missing all the fuss about – XPand Laces are a no-tie lacing system for runners, walkers, hikers, bikers and kids!

We received several XPand Laces to try and my husband has even put them on his shoes for running 2 Spartan Races this month! How ideal to not have to worry about your laces coming undone in a race and also knowing that you’ve got a perfect fit all day long. Unlike regular shoelaces , the Xpand® Lacing System alleviates constriction of pressure points from the top to the bottom of your feet. Their custom lacing patterns take comfort a step further! Don’t worry about it looking complicated either, there are helpful videos on the XPand Laces website to explain how to achieve all these lacing patterns.

I have my XPand Laces on my Converse shoes first, and am putting them on my usual running shoes next now that I know how they work and don’t come lose or lose their shape in securing my foot inside the shoe.

My youngest, who is just mastering tying her laces, now has a ton more options to choose from for back to school shoes, when before we stuck to velcro-closure only for shoes and avoided the ones with laces. I love this, because this way we can use the XPand Laces for now, and when she’s more confident in tying her laces we can go back to them – or maybe we won’t! XPand Laces work so well that I have to wonder if there’s even a point of lacing up anymore.

You can shop for Xpand Laces online ($13.01 CDN) and they offer free worldwide shipping  on the purchae of 4 or more packs which is really great.


Enter to win 2 packs of XPand Laces in the colours of your choice! Simply fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then leave a comment on this blog post sharing what 2 colours you would pick if you won! As always, look for bonus entries like following XPand Laces on social media!


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