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When You Win The Scavenger Hunt

I finished the remainder – I think – of my back-to-school shopping this week, and I’m not sure if it’s because my kids are getting older and require less stuff or if it’s simply a matter of experience (my kids are going into grade 9, 5 and 2) but I think I’m getting pretty good at this! Of course, where I shop likely has a lot to do with how successful I am too.

As I do every year, I headed out to Staples here in Regina but picked a Wednesday afternoon knowing that I’d have a less busy time to shop, even though of course I wasn’t the only one with that idea. While looking through the (10 cent!) duotangs, I commented to a helpful Staples employee that back-to-school shopping lists are like a scavenger hunt for parents! 2 purple duotangs, 1 red, 1 orange, and a 24-pack of pencil crayons, not a 12 pack mom, get it together!

What I appreciate about Staples, is that they’re about everything stationery, office, paper, back-to-school, whatever you want to call it. It’s what they do, what they know, and they’re ready every summer for the back-to-school shoppers.

The store is well laid out with products grouped together well and I know that every year when I visit in August I’ll find the glue sticks in a particular spot, and then I know exactly where to go to find the crayons and pencil crayons! I realize not everyone shops there year-to-year, but for those of us that do, it’s quite amazing how well everything is laid out and in the same spot each year so I know where to go.

The prices at Staples are always frugal-friendly, to this mom! I can find loose-leaf paper (why is it called that?), duotang folders and notebooks for 25 cents or less, and binders and spiral notebooks for just $1! The in-house Staples brand has always been consistently good too for products (I buy the Staples brand glue sticks for less than the brand-name ones, for example).

Remember too, when shopping during back-to-school season that you can always pick up some extra paper, notebooks and crayons for using throughout the year at home with the kids, stocking stuffers, or for donation boxes as well! You can always send along extra product to your child’s school in case there are kids who don’t have everything they need.

Another bonus shopping at Staples – the helpful staff! They didn’t know I was there to write a blog post later, and yet I was approached 3 times by the same staff member simply checking to ensure I was finding everything OK and making friendly chit-chat. There’s always someone nearby to direct you on where you need to go, should some item on your list be more elusive in the scavenger hunt for supplies, and they know their stuff! I love this, because we all know how difficult it can be to shop sometimes when there isn’t knowledgable staff nearby!

Thanks Staples, for consistently being a team player with this mom! P.S. They also take Air Miles and there are bonus coupons near the til right now – don’t miss out and ensure you grab the coupon!

I’ve got a $100 Staples Gift Card set aside for one lucky reader! To enter, simply fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then leave a comment below sharing what you love about shopping at Staples! That’s it, you’re in to win! Don’t forget there are bonus entries for things like following Staples on social media to ensure you don’t miss out on upcoming sales and info!


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