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Blending Like a Boss

I’m not telling my kids that their first month of summer holidays is almost over, but we all know that when the calendar flips to August it’s BTS (back to school) mode and our focus shifts even if we don’t really want it to. Thankfully, we’ve got a ton of fun planned in August first, including a trip to the Calgary for the Spartan Sprint/Super Weekend where both my husband and my daughters will be competing (did you know they have Spartan races for kids?) I’m in awe of my husband for competing in Spartan Races and for my girls for trying out the kids ones. Me, I’m absolutely happy being a bystander for these races because as an adult, carrying a pail full of rocks up a hill has zero parts fun for me.

While preparing for these races, we’re ensuring we eat well, get enough rest, and of course train. So, I was happy to have the Boss™ by Breville to help us! We’ve recently tried juicing and enjoyed not only the yummy and creative juices as a result but also of course the nutritional benefits. People have their preference, it seems, between juicing or blending and some people – like us – like a little bit of both in our diets. Here’s a quick look at the difference between the two:

And here, from Breville’s Colour Me Healthy site, is what makes the Boss bragworthy:

The Boss™ features a high velocity ProKinetix® blade and bowl system that pulverises virtually any combination of ingredients. Creating up to 50% smaller particles, this superfine texture can create a smoother mouth feel than some other blenders.*

With one touch functions including the world’s first ‘Green Smoothie’ function and variable speeds ranging from a slow stir to a pulverising high speed mill, create everything from green smoothies, nut milks to hot soup, from sorbets to hummus and from nut butters to flour.

Eager to try out the Boss, I made room for it on our kitchen counter and then wondered where I’d store it after we were “done with it”. It turns out, I haven’t decided we’re done using it and it’s likely that the Boss is going to simply stay right on my counter because I’ve been happily making smoothies and find it so useful and convenient!

I haven’t once had to scoop anything aside, mash things towards a blade or otherwise do anything other than wait for the blades to do their job. It’s an impressive product and – as the kids have noticed – it operates just like the blenders at the smoothie shops we visit.

One-touch button performance means you simply select, in this case, Smoothie, and the Boss blends everything perfectly while a timer counts down. Hear it stop? Don’t do a thing, it will whirr into action in just a few seconds, then pause again, just like those fancy blenders at the smoothie restaurants! I actually love that part. It means that the smoothie will be perfect, every time, and you won’t end up with a watery concoction because you blended too long, or a chunk of frozen fruit because you didn’t blend long enough.

My favorite smoothie to make for my Spartans is one that I found the recipe for at – the Super Food Shake! Ingredients in this shake include coconut water, frozen blueberries, coconut flakes, sliced almonds, mint leaves and whey protein powder – yum! We’ve made it so many times that later today I need to go out for more coconut water!

When school starts in September, I have no doubt that a morning smoothie or after-school shake will be a common request in our household with a high school student and two grade-school kids so I am eager to try new varieties this summer to find more favorites. I know that with the Boss blender from Breville, I don’t have to worry that it won’t be able to perfectly blend things like almonds and mint leaves (leaves in teeth, yuck!) I also am eager to try some soup recipes this fall, as well as try my hand at some dressings, cocktails and nut butters.

Look for the Boss by Breville at, The Bay ($599.99), London Drugs ($599.99) and Best Buy ($427.99 on sale until Aug 9th).

Naturally (see what I did there), I’ve got an extra box holding the Boss by Breville set aside for one of my lucky readers to win! To enter, simply fill in your name and email address in the form below and then click BEGIN! Then leave a comment on this blog post telling me what ingredients you use to make the ultimate smoothie or shake? OR, maybe you know of a great recipe for a dip, dressing or soup that you or someone you know makes in a blender. I’d love to hear all about it!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Breville. All opinions are, as always, my own.


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