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Last week, I shared a photo on Instagram comparing myself from 1 month prior to taking that very first step to lose weight, to January 2018. In April, it will be a full 2 years of weight loss including 1 year of maintenance – when you’ve reached your ideal weight and then tightrope walk through life ensuring you don’t gain it back as well as not lose more when you don’t really want to.

On the left, me in March 2016 at my heaviest weight in a video from my blog. I actually think it was more than I weighed in any of my 3 pregnancies bc I was one of those annoying people that gained 20lbs and had an 8lb baby. I really didn’t see 👀 the weight coming on until I look back at pictures and it’s very clear I was slowly but surely headed in the wrong direction. One month later I decided to make a change. My 40th birthday was nine months away and I felt like if I didn’t, it wasn’t going to get any easier a year, or five, down the road. And so I did. 🤷‍♀️ The picture on the right, last week, and -26 lbs lighter maintaining for well over a year now (I have a 4lb zone I go up and down in depending on the season and the reason lol!). What have I learned? ✔️ Eat less, move more. Simple statement but hard to be consistent with, until you want it bad enough. I eat everything I want, just not all at once and not every day. I also have to force myself off the couch and move to burn calories instead of letting them hang out on my waistline. Go away, fat! Another lesson learned? Don’t ever wear bubble waist shirts in an effort to hide your stomach. That sh*t doesn’t work. 😂 #facetofacefriday #sidebyside #beforeandafter #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #weightloss #comparison #fitness #c25k #fitspiration #fitnessmotivation #fitspo #positivemood #betterforit #findyourstrong #activeliving #girlswhorun #powerofshe #cardio #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #fitafter40 #momlife #doitforyou #facetoface

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Aside from the super-fun comments from 2 people who thought I was a catfish (that both people in the photo were not indeed me), the comments were, as always, supportive. Many people ask me for tips or how to do what I do and I strongly encourage finding someone who knows more about fitness and nutrition than me because I’m learning along with the rest of you. The problem with that, is that online many people are also trying to sell you something. A shake, a wrap, a workout regimen. None of these are inherantly bad, and I’m all about the hussle, but I can understand why people are leary to take advice wondering if there’s going to be a bill or sales pitch at the end.

So. Here are some super-easy tips that I’ve incorporated that work for me. They might work for you. Maybe one will. Maybe you can create your own plan with ideas from here and others online.

  1. Be accountable. Start keeping track of how many calories you need to eat in a day to lose weight – many people aggressively put in a 2lb weekly weight loss and restrict their calories so much, they’re miserable! If you have 25+ pounds to lose, consider a 1lb weekly weight loss goal. Less than that? Aim for 0.5lbs a week. Nothing worth having comes quickly right, and you’ll be happier daily for it. Once you have a calorie goal for the day, keep track of what you’re eating. All of it. My favorite app is My Fitness Pal. It’s free, and it has a huge database of foods you can click and enter into your daily diary. There’s a bar code scanner to make it even easier, and you can also enter in recipes from your favorite online posts and figure out the calories per portion that way. It’s an eye-opener for sure, but I’ve really enjoyed this learning curve.
  2. Following that, invest in a step-counter to actually see and be accountable for how much (or little) you’re moving in a day. While many step-counters choose 10,000 steps per day as a reasonable goal it’s not easy if you work from home, work at a desk all day, or simply have a quiet life going about your daily routine. Once I was aware of how little I was actually moving daily, I created a goal to fix that. I didn’t even use 10,000 as my goal for the first year. I aimed for 7000. Some days I didn’t reach it. Some days I hit 10,000. But I was aware and couldn’t make excuses on why the weight wasn’t coming off.
  3. Find ways to move that booty! I invested in a second-hand treadmill, having never stepped on a treadmill before in my life. I then used an app called Couch to 5 K (C5K, mine was by Zen Labs Fitness) to teach me how to run. I love it because it lets you walk, then run, walk again, then run while gradually increasing your run times and decreasing your minutes walking. If that’s a little overwhelming, consider just walking on the treadmill if the weather outside isn’t cooperative for walks. I realized that in the winter months I move less because I don’t get out to walk the dog, or go for an after-dinner walk in the evenings, or take the kids to the park even. So, I decided to pick a Netflix series and ONLY watch it while walking on the treadmill. When I really want to know what happens next on Riverdale, I have to hope on the treadmill and go for a walk.
  4. Figure out how to have some of your favorite foods, in different ways. I don’t support cutting out an entire food category (I eat bread, and sugar, and dairy, etc.) but there are definitely ways to cut calories even when preparing food for the family. Sub in spaghetti squash for spaghetti noodles one night, I pick salt ‘n vinegar flavoured crackers and Laughing Cow cheese to top them (it’s weird I know) rather than chips and dip. In the evenings, I eat a ridiculous amount of popcorn because it’s super filling and you are in control of how much butter or margarine you put on top. I’ve also become a little crazy over cauliflower. Baked. Dipped. Riced. Mashed. Yup. Addicted.
  5. Share. While you don’t need to post on Instagram to tell everyone you’re aiming to lose a few pounds or learn to run, tell one or a few people you trust what your plan is. These people can be your biggest cheerleaders and also help to keep you focused when you’re debating dessert at dinner. You may find a weight-loss or fitness buddy in the process and can help each other. If you’re not comfortable sharing with someone in your day-to-day life, check out a community forum online to read, relate and learn. I read the forums at My Fitness Pal often for ideas and insight.

I hope one or more of these tips can help you out. There are a lot of amazing coaches and leaders out there who help people every day, and if you find someone who speaks to you in a way you embrace, follow them! Learn! And keep moving. Also, aim for small goals and let them pile on top of one another rather than a large goal off in the distance. It also allows you to pat yourself on the back and celebrate more often, which I like too!


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  • When I read your original post saying you’d been called a Catfish, I said, “A what?” Too bad they hadn’t been following along … Knee. Jerk. Post. Look like an idiot to all who know.
    Congrats, and yeah, bubble waist shirts are not our friend.

  • Haha… never heard of Catfish! I like My Fitness Pal’s app. I have had the most success when I stick to using it faithfully 🙂
    Would love to win this and use it towards a pretty S’well bottle to help me keep up my water intake 🙂

  • Once a year I do a “whole 30” bout. It helps me to reset any bad eating habits I have developed throughout the rest of the year. It was super helpful in kicking a work snack habit that was seriously sabotaging my waistline.

  • What works for me is to limit the amount of sugar, salt and potato chips in my diet. I lost 2o lbs recently in a year doing just that. Eating a well balance diet is the key. I don’t like following diets it’s too hard for me. I gained 85lbs with my first pregnancy. Lost the 26lbs baby weight, then lost 50lbs in a year. I workout lots for that lost but no diets.

    I do water workout twice a week and walk 4-5 days a week for 30-40 minutes. (been doing that for years)

  • Your transformation has been amazing and it has been so inspiring to follow along. I agree about snacking on popcorn instead of chips. It’s a small change that cuts so much fat!

  • That is a smart idea, choosing a Netflix show to only watch while on the treadmill. Definitely using this to motivate me!

  • I’m a bit of a rebel without a cause so I prefer to set a high step goal and reach it however works for me that day. If I wake up in the morning knowing I have to do a particular workout that day, I spend the day dreading it and procrastinating. I’m kind of the same with food. If I eliminate a food from my diet, then that’s all I’m gonna want. Instead I have to use moderation and trade-offs. I love your idea have choosing a series to only watch on the treadmill. That sounds like great motivation!

  • Congratulations on your weight loss and especially for being able to turn it into a lifestyle rather than quick fix!

    I have found an activity tracker (Fitbit HR for me) has been VERY helpful to track exactly how much I am moving and burning!

  • I’m back at work after a year-long mat leave, and we have an amazing gym here at work. I mean, I really have no excuse not to go when the gym is literally just downstairs from my office! So I’ve made it a point to workout on my lunch hours at least 3 days a week. The 2 ‘off’ days are reserved for days when I am too busy and need to work through lunch or days when I feel like walking to the mall to do some shopping.
    Another way to motivate myself: I will write in my workouts in my bullet journal with some fun stickers…seeing a colourful entry in my bullet journal makes it more motivating to workout!

  • Awesome post! I found for me, accountability was/is a huge piece of the puzzle. I like registering for a fitness class with a friend, because then I’m more committed to going (because I already paid, and because my friend is expecting me to be there).

  • you look great, I am trying to get back into the healthy eating thing but with winter and I don’t get out much its really hard to have much fresh produce on hand

  • I work from home too and I just got an ipod that counts my steps and good lord i need to move! It’s sad really how little i move during the day. So i made that my goal to get going. I like your idea of working out and watching netflix.

  • I definitely agree that you have to find ways of exercising that you find fun, otherwise you won’t stick with it! For me that is dance. I’m taking four classes a week now, and it’s such a fun way to get movement in! I also love going for walks, which is super easy even with a 3 month old baby, and I’m lucky to live in Victoria where we have decent weather year-round. I went for a lovely stroll in the sun with babe in a wrap this afternoon! I like your idea of watching TV while exercising too, that’s a good one. Thanks for the chance to win! (I can definitely use free caffeine at the moment!)

  • I have a step counter and my steps are up 15% in the last 28 days. I’ve been trying. So I’m pleased with this.
    I’m happy with what my weight is, but I’d like to be stronger.

  • I need to be more consistent that’s for sure. I have about 75 pounds to lose and it seems so daunting so first I’m breaking it into smaller goals and trying not to think of the big number at the end.

  • I’ve been following your weight loss stories and am very impressed. I’m thinking that I’m too lazy to exercise, but I know a simple investment to track my steps would help a lot. My job is sedentary; I sit at a desk all day. Family is grown so my evenings are spend in front of the computer or the TV. I need to get up and do a bit more.

  • Wow.. I wish I had the motivation that you do. People need to see that you don’t have to change your way of life just to lose weight. Great job!

  • This is a great accomplishment on your part. I have started walking more and some time on the elliptical every day but I still need to change some eating habits.

  • The catfish one was weird, you weren’t selling weight loss stuff, why they thought that made me lol. I’m on a journey as well, I found a plan that is working for me. It’s bany steps but I’m going in the right direction.

  • Great post. It takes dedication which I find hard. I am more active in the new year but the food part is hard for me. Congrats on your success and you look amazing.

  • Congratulations on your weight loss, I’m on the right track to losing that elusive 15 to 20 lbs I’ve been holding on to, this year will be the year I do it!

  • I have started to use fitbit to encourage myself walk more. I think I will need to incorporate my diet and hope that I will lose a bit of weight. My goal is to lose 20 lbs

  • Now that the holidays are over, I need to get back to watching portion sizes. If I have the urge to snack I go for popcorn- it’s got loads of fiber & is very filling & on the plus side I happen to really like it. If I have no other snacks around this totally works for me.

  • I previously read about your idea of switching spaghetti squash for noodles and decided to try it. The whole fam loves it!

  • That is great that you have found what works for you and you look so confident. It seems like everyone is different on what works for them and once you find it you lead a better and healthier life. The key is to never give up and just work day to day on improving diet and activity.

  • For me I think the key is to enjoy the movement – I am way more likely to stick to something if I enjoy it! So SUP yoga with a friend and walks and jogs along the lake are way more fun than an eliptical!

  • I find my step counter really makes a huge difference in my fitness too….it’s so helpful and satisfying to see the actual numbers!

  • Great post with a lot of inspirational ideas. You’ve really put in perspective that it is babysteps and small lifestyle changes that all add up to reach a goal. Looking at it this way makes getting to where we want to be achievable and realistic.

  • Seriously girl you amaze me!!! The before and afters my goodness. And not only do you look healthy but HAPPY 🙂 When I was working out, one of my great motivators was sharing posts on social media. Everyone writing cheering me on and saying that I was inspiring them to do so as well. really helped to push me

  • There are all sorts of special people out there. You look great and good job on the maintenance. I think that is the hardest part.

  • You look fantastic!

    I got a fit bit last xmas and i was able to hit 10,000 steps almost daily but nothing changed. I think i needed to move more than that but never did.

    This year i have joined a group power class at the community centre with two friends so there is definitely no backing down! I found yoga too slow for me. I enjoyed barre classes but the studios were too pricey for me. It is easy for me to find reasons to stop. But I am enjoying group power class so far so i hope i can stick with it!

  • This is totally amazing & congrats on keeping it off… that is always harder than losing it. It’s definitely a life style change. Eating healthy and moving is forever, not matter our age or size. I cut out all unnecessary sugar & salts from my daily menu. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a sweet treat or french fries once in awhile.

  • Great advice on living healthier. I agree that it’s so important to keep moving. I’m going to consider a second hand treadmill too.

  • Truly inspirational post. I have been using my fitbit for 2 years now and i feel that in the beginning it was tough to keep up with the goal of 10000 steps, i was able to keep it up for long periods of time. Lately however, it has been a challenge to keep up to 8000 steps. I think after reading this, I am going to challenge myself once again. Thank you.

  • I too lost about 26 lbs about the same time you did, but the hardest part was keeping it off. I have to start again now. I’ve realized that I just can’t go back to the lazy, eating whatever, whenever of before. This time when the weight comes off (if I can actually do it again) I’ll have to be a LOT more vigilant to keep it off and I’ll have to continue tracking calories and steps.

  • You know I’ve shared my tips and tricks (although I’ve been quiet lately). Consistency is key and you’ve nailed that 🙂

  • One thing that has worked for me is joining a small, private facebook group of women who share healthy recipes and support with each other.


  • you look great! i hope i have the same results as i have been hoping to lose weight for 5 years now but never really stuck with it.


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