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It’s 2018: Just Breathe

It’s here! It’s here! A new year, 12 chapters and 365 chances to make a difference in your life and those around you. Isn’t that an amazing way to look at it? Based on our enthusiasm and striving for change in January, I’m not opposed to a half-new-year on July 1st to re-evaluate and focus once again as well.

That said, I’m starting off 2018 with new vigor, focus (my theme for 2018 by the way), and definitely an itch to get my house in order for the new year. Purge, for sure, but balance it as well. Eliminate clutter and take care of what’s inside these four walls.

Inside these four walls, it can get a little stuffy, dusty and well, aroma-esque to put it mildly during the winter months. I love opening my windows in the spring and letting fresh air in but during the winter, we’re breathing the same air day in and day out, hopefully cycled through by our air exchange on our furnace as best it can. Because I have kids with asthma, love to cook year-round, and have a labradoodle, there are plenty of reasons why an air purifier is a sound investment for our household – for any household, really.

The Oreck Air Response Air Purifier has been a welcome addition to our household over the holidays with extra people in the house for gatherings, more cooking than usual, and of course us being homebound after Christmas when the temperatures plunged and no one was going anywhere! On sight, I loved this new home appliance because of how seamlessly it fits into our home decor. Previous air purifiers we’ve had were black and stood out. The sleek chrome colour matches our kitchen (smart design, on Oreck’s end!) and doesn’t stand out at all.

Designed for medium rooms like kitchens, living rooms and large bedrooms, the Oreck Air Purifier captures 99% of particles down to 0.3 microns – things like dust, allergens, pet dander and odors – making it the perfect household appliance for our main floor. Just check out these features:

Air Response is just that – the Oreck Air Response Air Purifier features DustSense which automatically monitors, detects and responds to harmful particles in your air.

One feature that I really like is the Air Quality Indicator Bar; it’s one thing to plug in an air purifier and walk away, hopefully having it work as designed, but it’s quite another to get an instant look at the air quality in your home at all times just by taking a look at the color on the bar. There’s no need to worry if the color changes to red for high – it just means your little Oreck is working hard to clean the air around you and your loved ones. Interesting thought for me upon noticing the color change one day from low to medium – without the air purifier I’d 1) have no idea the air quality had changed to that degree and 2) be doing nothing at all to improve it.

Other cool features include a replacement filter indicator and a built-in timer with auto shut-off so you can simply set it to run for daytime hours, for example, and not run through the night (or vice versa, I suppose, depending on your preference). You can definitely leave it on during daytime hours, because of the Silence Technology – I can’t hear a thing when it’s on!

Ready to clean up your household in 2018 and truly – just breathe – in your household? First, figure out a plan for organizing and reducing clutter, then, read more about the Oreck Air Response at (MRSP $369.99).

One of my readers is going to win an Oreck Air Response Air Purifier – our first giveaway of 2018! To enter, just fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then post a comment below and share why you’d love to win this Oreck product for your household!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Oreck Canada. All opinions are, as always, my own.


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  • My husband has sufferred with year round allergies for about 10yrs now….this would hopefully make a difference for him!

  • I’ve actually been looking at these! We just moved into our first home back in July (yeah mortgage 😂) and in September we had our vents and furnace cleaned since the last known date it had been done was in 2004 🤢 I’m allergic to dog hair and I could tell that when ever we turned on the air exchange I was coughing and sneezing. Needless to say since we had our vents cleaned things have befn good, but investing in a system like this one would make a world of difference.

  • This would be great to have, I have 2 dogs and a husband that smokes, so I would love this to keep my air clean for myself

  • I would love to have an air purifier because I have dog who is forever shedding and with the windows closed to keep the extreme windchill out my house is pretty stale this time of year.

  • Everybody could use this! , we have allergy issues and trouble breathing at night at times, air quality is always of the out most importance in any household!

  • I have trouble breathing at night so this would really help me. Plus we have allergies and with all the windows sealed up this would really help clean the stale air.

  • I have pretty bad allergies. We change our furnace filter monthly to try to help reduce the allergens in the air in our home. I would love to have this in my bedroom!

  • Hubby has terrible allergies so would love this to see if it would help to improve his allergies and make a difference in his health.

  • I have 2 cats and one dog this machine would be awesome, during the evening I get so plugged up I have a hard time breathing

  • I have two long-haired cats, and even with vacuuming I’m sure they generate more particles than I can deal with. And I like that this is a silent-operating unit.

  • I really need this because my sweetheart sneezes a lot and his is always congested. I think this would really clean up the air.

  • The filters for our home unit does an okay job but some of us need a level of filtration that the unit can’t manage (it’s not bad but there’s a lot of discomfort). It would be expensive to get an entirely new unit so receiving the Oreck unit would make some of us a lot more comfortable in our home and make our allergies more manageable.

  • My hubby and our daughter have seasonal allergies, and I’m very scent sensitive. I’d love to have an air purifier in our home, and I’m sure we’d all notice a difference!

  • We live in an older home and I know the building materials used when it was built probably put harmful chemicals into the air. I would like to clean at least some of these from the air we breathe. We have talked about getting an air purifier but the are just not in the budget right now.

  • I would love to win this for my household because we have pets and allergies and this sounds like a wonderful product to help make our air healthier to breathe.

  • I have a dog and a cat plus plus I have allergies to dust and seasonal so getting relief from some of these issues because of filtered air would be a great

  • With two cats and a new baby I’d love to keep the air in our suite cleaner! Thanks for the chance to win, the oreck air purifier sounds awesome! 🙂

  • I would love one of these since I know household air can be quite dirty and I have a lot of pet dander and my house gets quite dusty too.

  • I would love to win this for my household because the neighbours across the hall from us smoke a lot and this would help to clean the air for us.

  • I would like a Oreck Air Response Air Purifier for our home. It’s an older with original carpets and I have a child and a pet. There is ongoing construction next to us and it is always dusty. I think this would relieve my child’s congestion and help her breathe easier.

  • Our house is over 150 years old and we live in the country. We have dogs, a cat, kids and I have allergies year round to so many things. This would be fantastic!

  • I would love this I have 4 kids a cat and my husband smokes, so cleaning the air and knowing the quality of the air in my home is a great idea

  • I’d love to win one for our house because it will make our air quality better. With our windows being closed for so many months during the winter, there’s a lot of dust in our inside air.

  • I love to win to keep the dust out of the air in our home. I do have an allergies certain times of the year.

  • Our kids are on the sensitive side when it comes to dust. We have an air purifier in our one son’s bedroom but it would be great to have one for the other two to share as well.

  • The new year always initiates a huge cleaning binge in my household. The Oreck Air Response Air Purifier would be an awesome way to start 2018.

  • Oh man! I need this so badly! I’m currently struggling to figure out what is causing a severe athsma flare-up in my house. I think it is allergy related but not sure if it’s dust, mold, mildew, etc. This would be so amazing to help me breathe better!

  • We have a dog and a cat, and no matter how much we clean, the air still isn’t clear. This would help us breathe easier.

  • I would love this as my house is always so dusty and my son smokes and it would be great to have cleaner air to breathe, living in a mobile home it seems dustier than most houses and since we are located right behind an industrial park we get a lot of dust off that

  • My son has asthma so knowing what we are up against with particulates irritating his breathing would allow us to more accurately preventatively medicate.

  • With both a cat and dog in the house you can imagine the allergens in the air, I would love to try this out and see the difference it can make!

  • Due to bad building my heating doesn’t work too well and to get heat into my apartment I have to use the simplest filter available in my furnace. This of course means that not much at all in the way of particles is filtered out before warm air comes into the rooms. This would certainly improve the air quality for me and help me breathe easier.

  • Our house is close to 100 years old, and I’m sure some of the dust in here is, too, no matter how hard I try to keep up with it!

  • This would be great to help with the allergies in our house. My husband has allergies to the dust and animals.

  • I’d love to win this Oreck air purifier because since it reduces pet dander in the air, my niece wouldn’t have to suffer through allergies when she comes over for a visit.

  • my indoor allergies are terrible. dust, pollen , told. This sounds like a great solution. Thanks for the opportunity to win

  • We spend so much time indoors and no matter how many times I clean it stays dusty. Would love some cleaner air

  • Our forced air heater is always blowing dust in the air…this would make a huge difference in our air quality! I so want one!!!

  • Living in an apartment building with a cat and a dog… We never really know what us floating around in the air.

  • Both myself and my youngest son suffer from allergies and we both have exzema. I think this would help tremendously.

  • I would really love one of these in my place. I worry about the quality of air and possibility of mold :/ Happy New Year!

  • Would be awesome I am finding that as I am getting older my allergies are getting worse and my sinus issues have escalated! To be able to breath easier, not be so plugged up and have fewer headaches would sure make my life so much more enjoyable!

  • We have allergies and just got a doodle and with the cold snap and no open windows ( for months!) I think we need one !

  • I’d love to win because I think it would help me breathe a little easier and have less issues with my allergies.

  • I would love the Oreck Air Response Air Purifier for my home because we live in an older house in the country, we have 3 cats, a dog and 4 pet bunnies, we also suffer from allergies throughout the year. This would help make the air quality better for our home.

  • I would love to win so my air quality in my house is better.. i have a lot of dust in my house and its hard for me and my children to breathe!

  • I would LOVE to have an air purifier because I have two young girls and a baby on the way. It would ease my mind knowing we have clean air circulating our house

  • I would love to win this for my household because we live in a small, dusty house with large dog and could definitely use this!

  • I would looove to win this for my sister. She recently found out that she and dust mites don’t get along, at all. And asthma is in the family

  • My youngest has allergies and it gets tough during the winter when it’s too cold to open the window and the dust affects his sleeping and sneezing. This will help during the colder months.

  • My daughter and I each have allergies, and our air purifier was such a great help in the past! Unfortunately, a friends dog peed on it (not even joking), and it stopped working shortly afterwards. I’d love a replacement!

  • We could use one of these in our home because I have very bad asthma with bad allergies and my husband has a hard time breathing at night. This would really help us.

  • With 2 long-haired cats and a pug who sheds constantly, there is a constant battle against dander in our house. My son and i both have allergies which get aggravated by this so a purifier would definitely come in handy.

  • My sister just gave birth and I would love to win this for her baby since I think my baby niece can benefit from having this machine in her home

  • Well it would stop me from having to keep asking my sister to borrow hers! But yes, not waking up in middle of night because of allergens in the air would also be wonderful!

  • I have 2 long-haired kitties and thorough vacuuming does not get all the fur and dust, etc. I would love to have a really ‘clean’ breath in the house!

  • My house is always so dusty , with a dog and 3 boys in the house , plus me , it all adds up fast ! I’d love to have this for my home !

  • I have year round allergies and my daughter has seasonal alllergies. We have dog as well, this would be awesome to keep our air clean

  • I live in a condo with base biard heating and no real air circulation plus a dog that sheds like crazy, I can only imagine the dander and dust flying around the house. This would be a blessing!

  • Would love this for my living room. Our household has allergies and this would help purify the air especially since we have two cats.

  • With 2 dogs running around the house & sometimes the baby grandaughter on the move, lots of dander and dust always in the air. With all that I seem to have developed some allergies cause nothing but sneezing daily…this sure would come in handy


  • I’ve been eying air purifiers for a couple months now trying to save up for one. We have original carpeting on our second floor and it creates so must dust. That with our pets, I’d love to have clean crisp air

  • We actually only have 2 windows in our apt, so it gets pretty stuffy in here, no matter what season it is. I think we’d really benefit from this.

  • I’d love to win this because I hate how stale and musty the air gets in the winter. Fresh air is definitely healthier and we need an air purifier.

  • I have 2 young children and a baby so this would be great to clean the air to make it better for them. I also have crazy allergies so I’m sure this would definitely help me as well.

  • I reside in an old Farmhouse, built with lathe and plaster and heaven only knows what else. My son has allergies to environmental stimuli. It would be wonderful if he could just breathe soundly in my home.

  • both hubby & I suffer from allergies year round . We actually have an air cleaner in the bedroom but could use another one in another room.

  • I’d love to win this because my husband has asthma and we both have allergies to various things (plus, we have a dog).

  • I would love to have this air purifier because we have so much dust and stuff in our home. We live on a farm, on a dirt and dusty road.

  • we have allergies and live in an old home this would be amazing to keep the air clean , thanks for the chance 🙂

  • we have an older home and no matter how clean I keep it, there is always a thought in the back of my mind that there may be old dusts and building materials floating around. I would keep the Oreck near my bed, giving me the freshest air for the most amount of time at home, in one spot!

  • I’d love this to help keep the air clean at my house. We have a cat allergy here so I think this would help.

  • This would be wonderful! Knowing the family will breathe easier with cleaner air is peace of mind. I love the chrome color as well, to blend right in.

  • This would be fantastic for our house. One of my daughters and I have allergies and it would really help us out.

  • With a dog and allergy-prone family members, this would be an ideal addition to the house that would work wonders.

  • I would love to win this as the there is constantly dust and odours all over my house either from cooking or from footwear

  • This would be great in our household. We have breathing issues and lots of allergies and 2 dogs that shed like crazy. I would love to see if this would make a difference.

  • My son has airborne allergies & it’s frustrating to see him with a runny nose every day, clearing his throat and itchy eyes. Meds for allergies certainly help, but I would prefer to solve this directly from the root of the problem which is air quality. The Oreck captures 99% of particles which is impressive & would improve quality of life!

  • i would love to win for my granddaughter , she sneezes a lot and we are starting to think she has allergies , this would be great for her

  • I would love to win because I have multiple pets in my house and that creates lots of dust and dander…this would help keep my sneezing at a minimum!

  • I’d love to bring their air purifier home because we recently brought a new baby home which made me realize how dusty our home really is. The things I notice now that she’s here are things I’ve never given a thought to before.

  • I’d love to have this for my home as I have 4 cats and an older home. This Air Purifier would be a great help to keep my air clean and my family healthy

  • All three of us have allergies, we have two cats, we already use HEPA filters in our furnace, but I’d love to make the air we breathe a little bit cleaner.

  • We would love this as most of us have outdoor allergies and we have a lot of fur babies! We could use all the help we can get. Thank you!

  • What an amazing giveaway. I would love to win this air purifier! For the past year I’ve become so much more aware of the importance of air quality so I added quite a few new plants around our house. They naturally clean the air but I never thought about having an actual air purifier. I hope I win!


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