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Ageless Olay Giveaway ($165 value!)

This month I’m celebrating my 39th birthday. Yep, not quite the big 4-0 but close enough that it’s making me clutch my wine class a little bit tighter thinking about it. I loved turning 30 – it felt like I was finally an adult and building a life with my husband and son, but two more kids later, turning 40 is a whole other “thing”. People say your 40’s are the best decade, but I’m not convinced just yet. In any case, I have another year to mull it over.


I don’t feel like I’m almost 40, and I don’t think I look it either. However, my kids have a certain way of keeping it real and reminding me that yeah, there are ways that I may in fact show my age. What’s yours? Perhaps it’s the fact that a night out ends at 10pm now, or that an amusement park ride makes you queasy like never before, or maybe that a little too much wine means you’re completely incapable of doing anything useful for the entire next day. All of those things show my age, but I can laugh about it and embrace it.

The latest YouTube campaign from Olay highlights these things that show our age in a fun and relateable way. Their angle, of course, is that while certain things do show your age, Olay can help your face hide it. I love this, I think it’s clever marketing for women my age. It certainly helps that Olay products are so well known and loved among women. Olay gets results and has been a leader in the beauty industry for years (my 74 year old mother always used Olay products when I was growing up!)

Olay RegeneristI’m an Olay user (and fan-girl) which has a lot to do with my mom using the product as well. If you haven’t gravitated over to Olay, perhaps now is the time. Especially in the cold winter months, our skin needs quality products that help keep skin clean and healthy, promote moisture and help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. To that end, I’ve got a huge Ageless Olay giveaway to share with readers valued at $165!


The Ageless Olay Giveaway includes:

To enter to win, use the form below to enter your name/email, and then leave a comment telling me what your age-giveaway is. Perhaps it’s one of the things I listed, or maybe your dance moves give away your age. What else? I can’t wait to read them and laugh along with you! Good luck everyone!

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