Saving Money With All-Inclusive Holidays

There are plenty of great ways to save money when you’re on vacation, whether you’re looking to head somewhere hot and sunny, or looking maybe to make your way to the mountains for some time skiing or snowboarding. If you’re planning to book your upcoming holiday soon, and are wondering what the best ways are to ensure you have a great time but aren’t strapped for cash, here are a few money saving tips.

1. Book in Advance

Booking your trip in advance will not only save you money on your flights and accommodation, but it will also ensure that you don’t miss out on rooms or flights for the dates that fit into your vacation days from work and/or school. It is possible to get great deals on holidays by purchasing them last minute, but you rarely get the destination and dates you want.

8399837947_f90cdaa841_m2. Consider an All Inclusive Holiday

Especially for larger groups or families, booking an all inclusive holiday will help you maintain your budget by cutting down on excess spending throughout your trip. With all-inclusive, all of your accommodation and food are paid for in advance, the only thing you really need to pay extra for are activities you decide to do off the resort, or special luxuries such as massages and spa treatments.

3. Make a Daily Spending Budget

No matter what type of holiday you choose to book the best way to regulate your spending it is to make a daily budget. This should include everything from buying small snacks if you’re out in town, to going out for a special meal at a local restaurant as opposed to eating at the resort.

19701595253_f0bfde0167_m4. Don’t Buy Gifts

Okay, perhaps if you absolutely have to you can get a few gifts for your kids or some family members, but don’t start buying little trinkets for all of your friends and family. These types of gifts are usually nothing more than a waste of money, and they tend to end up forgotten and abandoned a few years (or weeks) down the line.

5. Don’t Forget Insurance

It might feel like an unlikely thing, but accidents do happen on vacation, and they can leave you flipping the bill for anything from a fender-bender to a medical emergency. So make sure that you’re covered before heading-off on your trip.

Holidays should be a time to relax and unwind, and with good planning money worries will be off your mind the whole time.

Images by Thomas Tolkien and Matthias Ripp used under the Creative Commons license.



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