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The MYTEE (and Mighty!) Scoopy

Scoopy_2By Tara Richter…

The MYTEE Scoopy, originally invented in New Zealand, is a condensation scoop that dries the window instantly and instead of pushing the drops downward, and possibly into the window casing, it collects the water in the handle with upright motion. The handle is capable of holding 100ml of condensation and is easily poured out when finished scooping the surface; or you can simply do what I do and pour that perfectly good water into a plant needing some extra moisture. The MYTEE Scoopy also comes with a free Microfibre cloth to dry window edges and to remove any steaks that may have been left behind.

Just a few days ago, I read an article by Mike Holmes talking about the problem of condensation in people’s homes and more specifically as it shows up on windows. In most instances, it’s the result of the warm moist air in our homes, meeting the cooler/cold air from outside. It can also be a testament to the air-tightness of many homes these days and the inability of houses to ‘breathe’ effectively. The result of all that cooking, showering, laundry, and breathing in our homes is excess moisture that shows up as condensation on the windows. While the best solution is to look for ways to properly ventilate your home for optimal indoor humidity, dealing with condensation when it does happen is also important.

draft frost on inside windowCondensation that is left to accumulate can drip and get into window casings, potentially causing swelling and damage. In my case last year, the excess condensation resulted in ice build-up on all the windows and brought on a constant freeze-thaw cycle all winter in which I was constantly soaking up water along the windowsill. This excess moisture also creates the perfect setting for potentially damaging health hazards such as mold and mildew as well. Aside from all these damaging impacts, it also just looks bad and prevents us from what a window is for; seeing outside!

Scoopy1While I think I’ve made some progress on the humidity levels in my place over the year, I know that on days that are especially cold, or when I’ve been cooking up a storm, condensation on my large living room windows is inevitable. I was hoping to get a good trial of the Scoopy on my these windows now that winter has arrived, however with the current above zero temperatures this December, I haven’t run into the condensation issue I know is yet to come during the coldest months of January and February. Instead I recreated the condensation scenario on my front windows by spraying them down with water to replicate what takes place during cold weather.

I couldn’t believe how amazingly fast the Scoopy removes water from the surface of the window and leaves it perfectly dry. That little Microfibre cloth comes in handy too in getting the extra drips down in the corner of the window. What I found most surprising is the amount of water that came off the front windows. When it was spread out over such a large surface, I’ll admit I didn’t think it was THAT big of a deal. However, seeing the quantity of water removed, made me realize how valuable the Scoopy really is in keeping that excess moisture from freezing on to the windows again, or dripping down into the casing. I would never consciously dump that amount of water on my windowsill, so it would seem counter-intuitive to let it slowly drip there.

Whether you have a condensation issue like myself, or you just want a fast and effective way to remove excess moisture from the shower, walls, ceilings or other surfaces, you definitely need to have a Scoopy in your home. The MYTEE Scoopy is available in North America for just $24.95 plus applicable shipping & taxes. You can order your easily by visiting or on their website here!


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