Telus Asks Us To Unplug For The Holidays #HolidayMode

#HolidayModeI love this!!

Now, I have to admit, when I first heard about the Telus #HolidayMode campaign where the company is actually asking customers to unplug, I chuckled and thought, “How can that be?” but even Telus gets it.  It’s the holidays, people, and we need to put that phone done and be present.

I asked my blogger friends if they were taking time off next week. Most of us are. I plan to, but as always have a few projects on the go which means that I won’t be entirely offline.  I’ll certainly be online less.

I want to see my kids in front of me and not through the camera lens on my phone as I’m snapping photos.

I want to read books with them and not swipe my Twitter feed while they play beside me.

I want to watch movies on my big screen TV rather than on my iPad in bed at night.

It will take a conscious effort because my phone is another appendage on my body, but I know it’s needed and I know this Christmas especially – I need to experience all the emotion that comes with it.

If you’re ready for a chuckle, take a look at this video from Telus.  If you’re a foodie (which, let’s face it, we all are when a delicious plate is placed in front of us) or a blogger who regularly yells, “Waaaaaiiiiit!” before the kids dig in because you need to stage and photograph it first, you’ll love it:


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