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Stop!…..Snuggle Time.

09By Lisa Dutton…

There is nothing better in this world than snuggling a newborn.  Since I had my baby boy Oct 2nd, I haven’t left the couch!  It’s great.  Though I will admit, sometimes it’s nice to have a break.  Now there is a way to turn snuggle time into me time as well.  It’s called the SleepBelt; a HANDS FREE skin-to-skin support system.

sleepbelt review by lisa duttonThe SleepBelt allows me to keep my wee baby close, while giving me my hands back!  I can use my phone or tablet, read to big brother, or do some of those things us new moms don’t have time for anymore like file my nails!

This snug wrap is made of Supplex and Velcro and is easy to use.  Simply wrap the SleepBelt around your waist, securing the Velcro panels in the back.  Rest your baby on your chest and slide the SleepBelt up, gently stretching it over baby.

The SleepBelt is for use when seated or lying down only.  The best part is unlike other wraps, this one comes off easily for a seamless transfer.  You know how we new moms hate to wake a sleeping baby!  No shoulder straps and clips mean your little one won’t wake up screaming when you go to put them down so you can shower!

I truly feel the SleepBelt has encouraged me to take more skin-to-skin time.  It’s no wonder why it’s loved by lactation experts and midwives.  As you can see it’s also loved by my newborn Johnny (who you would never guess by this photo can be a bit of a fusspot!)

The SleepBelt is also a great purchase for anyone with a preemie, as the prime time to use it is when your baby is tiny and needs to feel you close.

The SleepBelt comes in 3 colours: basic black, aqua blue and hot pink.  The sizes (petite, regular and long) range from 22” to 50”…my size ‘regular’ adjusts to fit my husband as well as it fits me.

Visit and see why the SleepBelt is helping new moms around the world sit back, relax…and know their baby is where it’s happiest.

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