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Summer Infant Baby Touch 2 Digital Color Video Monitor

Summer Infant Baby Touch 2 Infant Monitor

It seems I bring something new home for our baby to be every day. Sleepers, bedding, booties…sleepers. But dad never seems to get as excited about baby prep as I do…that is until I unpacked this new baby monitor.

The Summer “Baby Touch 2” is slick. My husband took it into the nursery, plugged it in, and the first thing I heard was “right on!” Pan, scan, zoom; my 4 year old son was delighted to help position the camera just so. Then came the funny faces and fart sounds.

Summer infant baby touch 2 monitorThe high resolution screen is crystal clear, and the audio is great. It even has two-way talk back, so I could tell him to quit making fart sounds. The Summer Infant Baby Touch 2 even tracks room temperature, which in a province of minus 50 to 40 above…is a feature this Saskatchewan mommy can appreciate.

The BabyTouch 2 Digital Color Video Monitor is an innovative video monitor featuring a revolutionary touch-screen controlled 3.5” LCD color video monitor, the first of its kind.

Parent convenience features include: recharging base for parent unit, 10-hour rechargeable battery, ability to add 3 additional cameras with auto-scan feature, power-save feature, LED sound activated lights, belt clip/flip stand and one-touch video on/off button for nighttime convenience.

I can’t believe how far baby monitors have come since the one we picked up for my son 4 years ago. No more Darth Vader static…with the Summer “Baby Touch 2”…3am has never looked so good.

In Canada, you can find the Summer Infant Baby Touch 2 Digital Color Video Monitor at Babies R Us for $279.99.



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