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Skyline Luge Calgary

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New to Canada Olympic Park, Skyline Luge Calgary is the world’s longest luge track at 1800 meters!  I had no idea this was waiting next door, and when we visited Calgary from our home in Saskatchewan this summer, I knew we had to check it out!

With locations in New Zealand, Singapore and Quebec, Skyline Luge is certainly getting some buzz and I can’t help but think we experienced something pretty unique, innovative and soon-to-be huge when our family tried it recently.

So what is it, exactly?  Skyline Luge is a fun, adrenaline inducing, 1800 meter luge track with over 50 twists and turns that all members of your family can experience in a specially constructed Luge kart.  Children under 6 have to ride with mom and dad but the bonus is that they don’t pay full price anyway so why not double-up for  more giggles and fun!

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Our family used the Family Pass – 10 Ride Pass – giving three of us three rides each (plus one left over for the end).  Our 5 year old qualified as a Pee Wee Rider.  The slogan of Skyline Luge is Once Is Never Enough and it’s definitely true.  You just can’t do this ride once.  In fact, our 3x each wasn’t enough, but certainly did give us a fill of Skyline Luge fun and we’ll be back again for sure!

Skyline Luge Calgary

The chair lift up to the top of the Skyline Luge track is part of the fun, giving you a great view of Canada Olympic Park, the Summer Bobsleigh Rides, and Luge Riders below!  Once at the top, staff will help get everyone into their Luge Karts and then give you instructions on how to apply the brakes and steer.  And then…you’re off!  You’ll literally burn rubber as you twist and turn down the track, giggling as you race with the kids and gasping as your son takes a corner way too fast yet manages to maintain control (maybe all that Mario Kart really did pay off!)

We had such a blast at Skyline Luge Calgary – I’d highly recommend checking out Canada Olympic Park and Skyline Luge Calgary the next time you’re in the area.  There’s no admission to get into the park and the Skyline Luge accepts cash, debit and credit with lockers available inside the main building for $2 (somehow my purse wasn’t going to fit into the Luge Kart!)

Check out our Skyline Luge Experience below!



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