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In Canada alone, we wash almost four billion loads of laundry each year. According to Euromonitor’s 2012 Laundry Care in Canada Report, Canadians spend $890 million on laundry detergent each year to wash all those loads. We’re also chronic over-dosers on detergent. It’s estimated that we use about 33% more detergent than necessary when washing.

I know I’m guilty of the over-use. Often times I either eyeball the amount and decide it doesn’t look like enough, or I just pour and go, not really paying attention to the measurement in the first place. I had to explain to my mom once that yes, the concentrated laundry detergent means only up to the line on the cap (she was pouring a whole cap, regardless of the concentrated or non-concentrated variety, yikes!)  You can find more info including a great infographic on the Eco-Impact of Laundry Detergent in Canada at the link.

So what are we to do?  We want to use less, spend less, and waste less.

Many big brands are hearing the message and marketing pod-type detergents, which I’ve used and quite like except that I’ve had a major fail in cold water with them and won’t be doing that again!  Right now, those pod-type detergents are not available in a cold-water only variety, nor in a non-scented variety, nor in a hypo-allergenic variety.


Introducing Dizolve detergent!  Packed into a little package of power, Dizolve Laundry Strips are pre-measured with detergent and completely dissolve in the wash – hot or cold – are hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly.  They’re good for your wallet too because with pre-measured strips, you’re not wasting (on average) 33% more product than you need to use.  1 strip will handle a load of laundry.  Have a heavy load?  Toss in 2 strips.  Have a small load?  Simply tear a strip in half (you can’t do that with pods!)


Given a box of 72-strip Dizolve to try, I was hesitant.  Would a strip of detergent really clean my clothes?  I gave it a shot.  I did one load of regular laundry (1 strip) and then, tasked with a load of whites, I decided to use 2 strips.  It turns out a strip of detergent can and does get your laundry clean, leaves no residue, and results in no waste of excess use.  Impressive!  I had one shirt of my toddler’s that had a stain after washing – full disclosure here – but, like any detergent/washing scenario, I probably should have pre-treated that stain before washing.  Continue on your usual washing regimen with this product as you would with any other and you’re golden.  Or perhaps, green. 😉

Organizations and schools can even fundraise with Dizolve!  I think this is such a great idea!  Say no to chocolate cookies and hello to eco-friendly detergent?  I think people would be more interested in buying a product like this than cookies (less calories too!)

You can buy Dizolve detergent right on their website (while supporting organizations there too!) and get this – shipping anywhere in Canada is FREE!  Amazing!

Dizolve sells for $14.99 regular price.  $14.99/72 loads = $0.20 cents per load!  No waste.  Love.

winit2-300x51One of my readers is going to win a one year supply of Dizolve Laundry Detergent (6 boxes – 72 strips/box!)  To enter to win, just use the Rafflecopter form below!

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