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Top 5 TV Moms (call your mother.)

Top 5 TV Moms

While thinking about – and then researching – my favorite TV moms from my childhood, I ended up with an unexpected problem.  I had the theme songs from each of the shows above stuck in my head for days!  “And there ain’t no nothing we can’t love each other through. What would we do baby, Without Us? Sha la la la….” Any guesses?

With Mother’s Day approaching, I reflected on my other favorite moms (beyond my own!) and this is my list:

Claire Huxtable – successful attorney and mother of five, Claire kept it classy for 8 years on The Cosby Show!  I loved how sensible and strong she was, yet she could also get silly (how could she not with a husband like Cliff?)

Maggie Seaver – Maggie was the working mom, while husband Jason worked from home.  This was certainly new territory in the 80’s (sadly, still in 2013 too!) and Growing Pains handled the issue well, along with many many more in the series span.

Roseanne Conner – Probably my favorite TV mom ever, Roseanne would always tell it like it is.  No pretentiousness, no perfect-mom award being presented here.  Roseanne showed all of us that it didn’t  matter how much  money you had, as long as you raised your kids the best way you knew how and didn’t take yourself too seriously, all would be OK.

Elyse Keaton – Working from home as an architech, Elyse Keaton demonstrated the dual roles of a working mom in the 80’s and the show did well showcasing her in a job that was still traditionally male dominated in the 80’s.  Looking back at her now, I’m not sure how she didn’t drink being a mom to the ever-challenging Alex P. Keaton (Michael J. Fox)!  P.S. Did you know that Family Ties Season Six was just released on DVD earlier this month (April 9th!)  I love being able to catch all my favorite 80’s shows on DVD, especially with my own kids!  I just received it and can’t wait to sit down and relive my childhood watching, eeek!

Edna Garrett – Technically not a mom to any of the girls at Eastland Academy, we all wished she was our mom or grandmom!  I loved her no nonsense parenting and guidance and the love she showed her girls.  TV trivia – Edna’s character actually had two sons!

VTech Connect to Cell

Did you enjoy the walk down TV memory lane?  Are any of the theme songs stuck in your head now?  You’re welcome for the earworm!  Now go call your mother.

In that spirit, I have an awesome giveaway from VTech in honor of Mother’s Day for you!

The VTech 2 Handset Connect to Cell Answering System with Caller ID/Call Waiting (whew!) is a fabulous system which enables working moms like myself to keep their cell phone battery full while at home.  How?  Using Bluetooth technology, I can now make and receive cellular calls using it.

Other features like caller ID, call waiting, the ability to store up to 200 contact records from your cell phone (no additional programming needed, hooray!),  and a handset speakerphone are among my favorites.


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