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When Kids Ask to Take Their Vitamins – The Beauty of IronKids

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This year, I am making a big effort to ensure all of us are taking our vitamins.  I am a self-professed germophobe and while I know the majority of our vitamins and minerals should come from the food we eat, I’m also a realist and know that this just isn’t going to happen.  So, I think the best way to ensure we have our bases covered is to take vitamins.  A simple chewable multi-vitamin is a great start but if you want to ensure you’re getting all the necessary minerals as well, IronKids Vitamin Supplements are a great idea.

ironkids vitaminsWe were sent all the IronKids Gummies products to try with the kids.  Yes, that’s a lot of vitamins and supplements!  So, to keep track of how many vitamins each child gets (based on their age), I use a Sharpie marker to write the details, in order of oldest to youngest, on the lids.  It’s a system that works for me, so I thought I’d share!

We received IronKids Multi Vitamins, Vitamin D, Fibre, Calcium and Omega 3’s Gummies and the kids have – quite naturally – been thrilled.  I’m not a fan of those gummy “snacks” so the kids don’t regularly get gummies.

They definitely see their daily vitamins as a “treat” which is ok as long as they understand that, even though they taste yummy, they are vitamins and not candy.  Still, I think it’s great to have a positive association with taking your vitamins so I’m a happy mom.  It helps that they taste great and the kids like them. Now, they actually remind ME that they need their daily vitamins which is perfect!

We will continue to purchase IronKids Gummies once our review supply is gone, and now that the kids are into the routine and reminding me we’re on the road to ensuring we’re all living healthier (when they remind me to get their vitamins, I take mine too…more about adult vitamins in another post next week)!


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IronKids is providing one of my Canadian readers with an IronKids prize package to help get you into the routine of daily vitamins and supplements with the kids.  To enter to win, just use the Rafflecopter form below!

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  • I give my kids a vitamin every morning. They’re so fussy when it comes to eating that I think a vitamin gives them that little bite that they may be missing everday. Knock on wood, they haven’t been sick all winter

  • I think vitamins for kids is a very good idea. If you have a well rounded eater it will be easier to ensure they are getting lots of vitmains and minerals but when you have a picky eater who may subsist on oatmeal some days, then it is good to have a vitmain supplement.

  • I think vitamins are a must for kids. Especially those who do not each enough fish products. My grandkids never forget their vitamins.

  • I give my kids the gummy kids fish oil vitamins, because they’re so good, If I forget, the kids remind me daily! They eat a varied diet so a multivitamin isn’t necessary, but fish oil certainly can’t hurt in the brain dept.

  • I give my kids a gummy vitamin each morning. Would love to win this and try these ones out! Thanx for the chance 🙂

  • We use IronKids gummies and if I forget Miss R reminds me very loudly that she hasn’t had her vitamins. LOVE IRONKIDS!

  • I have given my kids vitamins from the time they were a baby …I am a firm believer that we can’t get all of the nutrients we need from what we eat. Gummies make it sooooo much easier — and fun take!!

  • Vitamins are a must around here and guess what? they now have “gummies” for adults which is what we use so the kids see us taking the same thing! (they taste very good!)

  • I do think they’re important. My toddler doesn’t get all his vitamins/minerals through nutritious food all of the time. Vitamins help.

  • My older son is a picky eater, so he takes vitamins regularly. He’s pretty good about reminding us that he needs his vitamins. IronKids are his favorite kind!

  • My little ones love their vitamins, I keep it by the plates so I remember every breakfast to give them one!

  • My grandkids get vitamins quite regularly. I feel that vitamins can certainly help with kids well being.

  • Yep, I’ve built vitamin taking into part of our morning routine so that my son always gets them. Vitamins are definitely a good idea, it’s just impossible to get everything a kid needs through food every single day.

  • At my son’s recent 2 year check up our pedi recommended he start a daily multi-vitamin. So we went out to our local health food store and got him a chewable tablet, which I really regret because…. he won’t eat it! He chews it up and then says, “UCKY” and spits is out. Wish I had gotten the gummy kind!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am pretty good in remembering giving my kids vitamins (but my kids will remember to tell me to give it to them too since they like it). I think it will be a good supplement to kids and since they like it too, I will continue giving them once a day

  • My daughter can’t wait to get her gummies every morning. IRONKIDS gummies have made it so easy to ensure my three year old is getting the right vitamins – she even know what the different shapes of each gummy are for! (Vitamin D is her sunshine gummy, the IK shapes are is her everything vitamin and the fishies are her omega’s!). It is one less battle we have to overcome in the morning 🙂

  • Kids get gummies, hubby gets gummies. I think vitamins are a good way to round out the vitamin/ mineral intake in our daily fits.

    • i think they are nessccary. i know we don’t eat well enough for them to meet their needs. i should take them too but i don’t

  • Its a hit and miss in my family. Somedays we remember and some not. Always try to start the week out but it never fails that they are on the bus and I remember.

  • Some vitamins – like Vitamin D are very necessary for kids. I didn’t give my son a multivitamin because he was always such a good eater. Then my daughter came around and she eats NOTHING, so I started. My kids LOVE IronKids and they remind me every day that they want to take them!

  • I find it easy to remember and I think they’re a good idea. I don’t know if my son’s diet is complete enough so I feel better giving him a vitamin supplement.

  • Yes vitamins are very necessary for kids. We take our every morning with breakfast. I get heck when i don’t remember

  • I give my kids a gummy multivitamin every morning! I think it’s important because they are poor eaters!

  • There are times they are necessary. Kids can be so picky and I am concerned if they receive all the vitamins they need through their food intake.

  • I believe that while you should get what you need from food, the likelihood of having a balance meal plan to get all the right mix of nutrients required is very low. Therefore vitamins are important to supplement. My daughter has had Vit D since birth and is soon of age to start taking vitamins, and will.

  • One per day. I think they are necessary especially if they are picky eaters because growing bodies need all the vitamins and minerals for good health.

  • I do feel they are necessary in case they don’t eat properly every day, my daughter reminds me in the morning so I don’t usually forget

  • Although we try to get the majority of our vitamins from the foods we eat, I agree there are days where that just isn’t realistic. We take vitamins every day as a sort of insurance. Making sure we’re not leaving anything out. Our kids love gummy vitamins, and remind us if we’ve forgotten to give them to them with breakfast.

  • I give my son s vitamins every morning when I take mine. He usually remembers if I don’t. They are Lighting McQueen so it makes him more eager to eat them

  • hubby makes sure my boys each get a vitamin every night before bed. They like the gummy part of the vitamin and think its the treat and I know that its filling in any gaps of missed vitamins that they didnt get throughout the day

  • I always gave my children vitamins and think they are important. Even though you try to feed them nutritious foods they don’t always eat them. If you give them vitamins at least you know they are getting what their bodies need.

  • I think it depends on the kid. I have one really good eater and one not so good. I give them both vitamins…..when I remember!

  • Both my boys are skinny minnies and picky eaters to boot! A vitamin regime in our home is a must. We also try to supply them with Omega3 and fish oil whenever possible. My four year old will use it as an excuse to get out of bed one last time if he’s missed his vitamin in the morning. (Doesn’t mention it at all thru the day though). I try to find the least additives and biggest nutrional punch balanced with price when buying them. I don’t have a company who I’ve really stook with yet.

  • My kids remind me about their vitamins most days. I think they are good to take a few times a week at least

  • I think they are necessary for some kids, especially picky eaters or those who have a poor diet.

    I try to remember each day to have the kids take theirs but occasionally a frantic morning messes up my routine.

  • Whether your kids are very active, couch potatoes, or picky eater, all kids can benefit from extra vitamins and minerals that their growing bodies need. Also, they are tasty and it’s almost like getting a piece of candy… So, make sure you keep those vitamins very well hidden! Most adults don’t get the proper amount of nutrients each day, so it’s also a great idea for us to take a multivitamin as well. As good as they are for us, and they are just sitting on the shelf, I too always forget to take my vitamin lol 😛

  • My kids eat fairly healthy so I don’t bother giving them vitamins. I’ve gotten them in the past & I think they go through them faster than they should!

  • My son and I both take vitamins ( a multi one) daily…and gummy vitamins make it both easy and fun to take! I wish there was a vitamin D gummy in the market too. My son is a complete health nut and eats well but the extra he gets from a once a day multi vitamin I see more pros than cons from it.

  • I think vitamins are fine for the kids, I would remember giving them to them because I take mine daily. Not necessary, but beneficial, unless you can perfectly plan all meals to include all needed ingredients, I can’t.

  • In my case, my son is sooo picky, he doesn’t get enough iron and other vitamins/minerals. It’s good for him. However if kids are eating a good diet, I don’t think vitamins are necessary.
    And yes, I do forget to give them once in a while 🙁

  • My girls get vitamins daily and we are pretty good at remembering to give them to them, The fact that they are gummies seems to help!

  • my daughters remind me everyday.. i dont remember them but they think the’re “treats”… i think they’re a good thing.. gives them the etra little amount that they need that their not getting

  • My daughter takes daily vitamins and she is at the age where she remembers herself. I like that they might be getting something that they are missing from their diet.

  • I think they are great for kids. I try to have them on the counter and remember to give them one daily before school.

  • I do feel giving kids vitamins is important. Some people can not retain the right amounts needed and they need help. We also give my son the Ironman Fibre gummies as he needs help with that too 🙂 My children take meds daily so giving them vitamins is just part of the routine.

  • I’m on the fence about vitamins for people who aren’t deficient. That said, they certainly wouldn’t do any harm. We’ve tried Iron Kids Omega before and loved it. No fishy taste at all and so much better than giant omega non-chewable pills.

  • I love Ironkids vitamins. The taste so good..hehe 😉 I feel it is necessary for some kids ,,but others that eat well I dont think it is necesarry.

  • I am not so good about remembering but they are! They love to take their vitamins! I feel they are necessary to help get something they may be missing out on.

  • I think vitamins are important for everyone. Being gummies (yum!) ensures that kids can pretty much be reliable back up for reminders!

  • I think they are important for kids to take and my little guy tells me he want his vitamin almost every morning

  • I am good at remembering to give them to my kids. I feel better knowing they are getting the nutrition from vitamins that may not be getting from food

  • My mom looks after my children while I am work and she does a very good job at remembering to get the kids to take their vitamins after breakfast. I feel it it important to try to supplement their diets with vitamins.

  • My children eat fairly healthy so I don’t think that they are an absolute necessity but I do keep them in my house because I believe that they do offer some benefit. I give them to my daughter on the days that she asks for one. I am pretty bad at remembering to offer them myself but it does happen every once in a while.