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Wordless Wednesday ~ Those Magic Moments

magic momentsMy husband captured this moment at Disney World between my two girls and I.  We were sitting on the curb of the (meticulously clean) sidewalk at Walt Disney World in front of Cinderella’s castle watching Let The Memories Begin! – an illumination show projected onto the castle’s surface.  The show itself was outstanding – the music and images together create the perfect masterpiece and emotion.  So much so that I found myself sobbing watching it.  Nevaeh (5) is the caretaker – she was quick to snuggle in and hug me, not quite understanding why I was crying but wanting me to feel better.  Her little sister (20 months) is learning empathy and snuggled in as well – not entirely sure of what was going on but happy to be close as well.

The video below is our own of the show – you can search Let The Memories Begin or Cinderella’s Castle Show on You Tube and find videos with a better view but I wanted to share ours because it’s special to me. My kid’s voices in the background reacting to the show, and the laughter and excitement over it all. My toddler watches this over and over (and over!) on my phone!


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