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People define the family dream in many different ways; some base it on the family health, some on the family budget, some on love in the family; and some will say there is no dream just life. However you define it one constant is a family stands by its own and is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure kids, spouses, parents, relatives; everyone feels safe and secure.

There are many ways that a family can go about ensuring that safety from where you choose to live to who you choose to associate with; and of course who your kids associate with. Lifestyle can be adjusted but one thing you can’t protect your family from no matter what you try and do, is sickness. And not necessarily the common cold as that is usually easily treatable; it’s the rare, serious diseases that can unexpectedly infect you or members of your family that are a nightmare come true.

The shadows that are cast over a family from illnesses like MS, Heart Disease, Parkinson’s, or Leukemia among others leaves many families questioning what to do. Doctors will often recommend different forms of treatment to try and fight back against the disease which will sometimes work out, sometimes will not. Once upon a time if a member of the family was infected by a disease such as these the odds of successful treatment were not always so high; nowadays however, there are new ways that stack the odds a little more in favour of your family.

One common treatment is by using stem cells; still very controversial but nevertheless they work. Medical research has shown that certain types of stem cells are the most effective ways of treating a serious illness and giving a family the best chance to stay together. These special types of stem cells are found in a newborn baby’s cord blood, which at you can learn all about how powerful these unique little guys are.

Keeping the family safe and secure is always a top priority and anything that can be done to keep that promise is always on the mind of any loving family member. The shadows don’t have to put your family in the dark; with a little information on your side, you can cast those shadows back into light.

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