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Maplelea Girls ~ Dolls for Canadian Girls

When I was in Chicago last summer, I got my first glimpse into the world of that other doll company that’s so wildy successful in the US. I never understood the appeal – but then again it’s hard for a Canadian girl to like a brand of dolls that has nothing to do with her own heritage, environment and well…country!

This summer, I was introduced to Maplelea Girls dolls and now I understand that doll-love a little bit more.

I’m thrilled that there’s dolls out there specifically for Canadian girls, but am surprised it took me this long to hear about them!Β  No more of that!Β  If you haven’t heard of Maplelea Girls before, allow me to introduce you.

Maplelea Girls consist of 6 distinct dolls representing 6 areas of our beautiful country and culture within. Jenna, Taryn, Brianne, LΓ©onie (lay-oh-nee), Saila (sigh-lah) and Alexi are 10 year old girls and hail from Nova Scotia, Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, Nunavut and Ontario respectively. There’s no Maplelea Girls doll from Saskatchewan yet but I’ll forgive them for now. πŸ˜‰

After looking at each of the dolls and reading more about them, I didn’t choose the dolls from either of my neighbors in Alberta or Manitoba but instead picked Alexi from Toronto.Β  She arrived in a beautiful sturdy box (which is now her bed, by the way) and also came with her own journal with room for answering questions and writing your own thoughts.Β  My daughter is too young to fully appreciate the journal (Maplelea is best for girls 6-12 and my daughter is almost 5) but oh how I loved journals like this one when I was little.Β  I love that there’s room to answer questions, giving little girls time to ponder the answers before writing them out.

Nevaeh has been carrying Alexi around every day since she got her – into the back yard, down to the toy room, and of course into her bed to sleep.

She’s also very interested in the catalogue we received with our doll which showcases the many outfits and accessories you can get for your doll to truly make her your own.Β  I think we’ll have to consider a few items for Alexi this holiday season.

Interested in learning more?Β  You can check out everything Maplelea Girls on the site and while you’re there, you can register an account and order your free Maplelea Girls catalogue (I recommend, your little girls will love flipping through it and it might give you some holiday ideas!)

One of my Canadian readers is going to win a Maplelea Girls doll of their choice!

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