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Grilled Cheese & Pickle Panini

I just tried a new recipe today (though I hesitate to call it that because it’s so easy, no recipe really needed!) and it’s so delicious I can’t stop thinking about it.  Yup, it was that good.  The recipe?  Grilled Cheese & Pickle Panini!

I know it sounds weird, but trust me it’s delicious!  I love pickles so I was intrigued when my friend Amanda at Natural Mommie posted a link to this recipe on her FB page.  When I read the recipe, I bookmarked it to try this week (thanks Amanda!)  The recipe was posted at Weelicious, a site full of great recipes for the family (and great photos too!)

You don’t need a panini maker to make paninis.  You can simply use a counter-top grill (like the George Foreman one) to accomplish the same thing.  I have a Hamilton Beach Grill that works great for making paninis as well.

Grilled Cheese & Pickle Panini Recipe

What you need for each panini:
2 slices of bread
4 slices of marble or cheddar cheese (don’t use processed cheese slices for this, it’s so good with the real thing!)
2 dill pickles in sandwich slices

How to make your delicious panini:
1. The beauty here is that, unlike pan fried grilled cheese sandwiches, no butter/margarine is needed on the outside of the bread. Just take your first slice of bread, lay two slices of cheese across it, top with a pickle on each slice, then top with two more slices of cheese. Add the second piece of bread on top and place in panini maker or counter top grill.
2. Close lid on grill and cook for 4 minutes.

Of course, all grilled cheese sandwiches go well with tomato soup for dipping! If you try this recipe, let me know what you think! It’s going to be a new favorite in our house after today!



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