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Tupperware for the Holidays

It seems like in the fall and winter months I go through storage containers like nobodies business.  I’m not much of a baker to begin with, but when I do take the time to make something it better keep!  Whether I’m freezing it or just keeping it on the counter for the family, I’ve learned that although dollar store items may be cheap, they perform cheap too.

Still, if you’ve ever been to a Tupperware party or checked out the catalog, the prices can be intimidating if you’re unfamiliar with the quality behind the Tupperware brand.  Tupperware has been around for decades and there’s a reason why this company continues to thrive – their products truly do exhibit quality.

A friend of mine, Cora Putz, discovered Tupperware herself in the past few years and she’s been so successful with her Tupperware career that she actually didn’t return to her position after her second mat leave, instead opting to stay home with her kids and jump into selling Tupperware full time.  I have been watching her success on Facebook and elsewhere and am truly impressed with her drive!

Cora recently sent me a huge selection of Fridge Smarts items from Tupperware to check out and now I’m a Tupperware convert as well!

Fridge Smarts are plastic containers with special features to help keep your fruit and vegetables fresher for much MUCH longer in your fridge.  Have you seen some of the commercials out there this holiday season, about products (bags of sorts?) that promise to do the same?  I did, and the commercials creeped me out.  I wondered what was in the lining of the bags that kept food fresh like that – something about them just didn’t sit right with me and I never bothered to look into them more, even though the idea of having my food last longer was certainly appealing.

Sick of tossing out broccoli, lettuce, strawberries and more that continually went bad before we could get to them, I was curious to see if Cora’s excitement about Tupperware’s Fridge Smarts was warranted.

The containers themselves are made with hard plastic, with a grid on the bottom of each, two air vents on the side, and a secure snapping lid.

The real gem of these containers comes from those air vents.  Each container has a transparent sticker on the side with an easy guide to follow letting you know how to vent particular fruits and vegetables.  Storing mushrooms?  Both vents closed.  Celery?  One vent open, one closed.  Broccoli?  Both vents open.

I’m beginning to see why my veggies never last very long in the fridge when I just keep them in the (sealed!) bags they come in.

Thanks to Cora’s generosity, I had a variety of sizes in Fridge Smarts to try out over the past few weeks and I’ve been 100% impressed!  I’m fortunate that my kids will happily snack on vegetables, as long as I have them cut up and ready to grab.  So, I dumped 2 bags of mini-carrots in a Fridge Smarts container (carrots require both vents sealed) and we’ve been munching on those carrots since the last week of November (over 2 weeks now!)  I also sliced up celery to store in a container, and as a test I left one bunch in the bag like I usually do.  Sure enough, the bagged celery went limp and I threw it out.  The celery in the Fridge Smarts container?  Still crunchy after 2 weeks!

Tupperware makes a great gift anytime of the year, especially if you’re already familiar with the brand and have your own favorite products that you’d suggest to friends.  Customers can shop directly on Cora’s Tupperware Website and can contact her directly using the info on Cora’s Tupperware Fan Page.  Cora is based in Saskatoon and can travel for parties outside of Saskatoon too (she’s a Tupperware rock star!)

1 of my Canadian readers is going to win a $25 Gift Certificate from Cora Putz, Tupperware Consultant Extraordinaire!  I’d suggest picking up the small or medium Fridge Smarts Container with it if you’ve never tried it before, if you win (and even if you don’t!)  Entering is easy, just click “Like” on Cora’s Tupperware Page on Facebook!  Then leave me a comment here telling me you like the page, easy!

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