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  • Mega Splash Excersaucer Giveaway!
    I Loved a lot of the things I seen on the site like: the puzzles, the kitchen set that isn’t pink and girly that could be for a boy too, the personalized items, gas pump, just too much to tell you. Everything is Great!

  • I love how m and m meat shop is using there deals to remind us just how importnant it is to sit and have meal time with your family without the every day distractions. I think eating as a family also allows you and your partner to see what your kids are thinking about there day and lets you to as a couple remember each. this would be great to win !!

  • I absolutely love this movie and just shared it with my 6 year old little girl and now she is absolutely in love with it. Is it really old enough to be considered a timeless classic? Not sure if it is yet, but is definitely something that i’m also looking forward to being able to share with my grandchildren as well!