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Tooth Tissues – Review & Giveaway (closed)

I have a confession to make – I am not very diligent about taking care of my 13 month old’s teeth. I read that we should be brushing, or at least wiping, our baby’s teeth as soon as they are visible but I admit that I’m so bad at remembering to do that. I follow the rules, I don’t put her in her crib with a bottle, I actually rarely give her juice in her sippy, and she has plenty of water instead. Still, I always felt a twinge of guilt when I read that I wasn’t doing enough. I tried using a baby toothbrush once, but that just resulted in Nevaeh screaming because *she* wanted to be the one to hold it, and when she did she either gagged herself or chewed on it (which, I’m told, is ok as it gets some of the gunk off her teeth…better than nothing I suppose). Even using a shirt sleeve is helpful for wiping baby’s gums, I’ve read. Have you tried shoving your shirt in baby’s mouth? I don’t much like the taste of fabric softener but maybe other babies do?

When I read about Tooth Tissues in a recent issue of Parents magazine, I hoped I had found a great solution to my mommy guilt. Tooth tissues are tiny disposable wipes that are textured for plaque removal. They are fluoride free, sugar free, and paraben free. They also have a neutral flavor (no yucky minty taste here for baby). They are best used on babies up to 16 months of age. The reason that 16 months is a magic number is because that is when molars start to come in. At that point, a toothbrush is best. Even so, they are great to keep in the diaper bag or your purse for times when you are on the go and a toothbrush isn’t handy (like, for example, when the cashier at the grocery store gives your son a huge sucker/lollipop in the middle of your shopping day).

We have been using Tooth Tissues with the kids for the past few weeks. They are primarily for my 13 month old, but of course her 4 year old brother could not be left out when he noted we were trying something new. We use a tooth tissue each night when Nevaeh is done her bedtime bottle, and I keep them in the diaper bag when we travel. Soon I will have to use a toothbrush on Nevaeh’s little teeth, but until then I will erase my mommy guilt by using these as they work like a charm! Truthfully, I think Nevaeh likes the rubbing feeling on her teeth and gums, especially the little nubs that are barely poking out of her gums. Win, win!

Dr. Grace and Dr. Jon, the creators of Tooth Tissues, would like to give 1 reader their own package of Tooth Tissues. To enter, check out Tooth Tissues here, and comment here with your thoughts on the product, baby dental care, or your own comments on mommy guilt!

For 1 extra entry, blog about this contest and post the link here. Yep, just 2 entries per person on this contest! I’m so sneaky….

Please note that this giveaway is open to Canada and US residents. Currently, there are no retailers in Canada who sell Tooth Tissues. You can order Tooth Tissues online, but if ordering from Canada, please email them first to inquire about additional shipping charges.

If you live in Canada and would like to see Tooth Tissues at your favorite baby store, please tell them about the product and website!

This contest will end on January 14h at 11:59 CT. I will use to choose a winner, email them, and post a winner here.

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