Kick Off to Christmas Giveaway 2 – See Kai Run (closed)

Welcome to Day 2 of the Kick Off to Christmas Giveaway! How excited was I when I was given the chance to review a pair of See Kai Run shoes for my beautiful, and now 1 year old, baby girl Nevaeh? I have admired these shoes from a distance for awhile, but the frugal mama in me wasn’t sure if I could spend more than my usual slipper-shoe price on a different brand of shoes I had never tried before. I’ve mentioned before how I’m learning how there’s a difference between being frugal and being cheap. Being frugal, to me, means getting the best bang for my buck. Being cheap is sacrificing quality, comfort, and sometimes even your health, for the best price. That, to me, is not sensible. Neither is spending money on a product that does not live up to its expectations!

What were my expectations with See Kai Run? Well, I had read on the site how the creater of the shoes, Cause Haun, wanted healthy, supportive footwear that could be worn by babies 6 months to 3 years outside as well. Up until now, Nevaeh has only been in soft sole slipper-type shoes. It’s far too early to put her in the hard-sole shoes that were famously on babies for years before pediatricans and parents learned that hard soles are not good for developing feet. However, this past Fall when Nevaeh was walking in our yard, I cringed when she’d walk over twigs and rocks on the ground. I knew I wouldn’t be comfortable walking over them in slippers, so why would she? See Kai Run shoes have a flexible sole, but still durable enough to sustain the outside bumps that await eager little adventurers. I also read how See Kai Run shoes have a wide opening toe area (good for chubby feet!), leather durable lining, and a padded collar (I wondered if a durable leather shoe would be too hard against her baby soft skin so this was an added bonus).

I received my shoes and upon site was impressed with the overall look of them. I chose to review the Lillian Grace boots, because…hello, I live in Canada and boots are a staple here in the winter BUT Feisty Frugal and Fabulous mommies do not put their babies in ugly boots!
The first thing I did, was grab the bottom of the boot at the toe and then the heel and squeezed. Yes, the shoes do indeed have flexible rubber soles! The second thing I did was smell the leather. The upper portion of See Kai Run shoes are made with sheepskin leather, which is said to be more durable, but less common, than cow leather.

I played with the zippers to ensure they wouldn’t get stuck or be hard to use, and noted the quality was there (it’s the small details that add up for me). Now it was time for the real product tester, Miss Nevaeh. Putting the shoes on was easy; with the zipper on the side, I didn’t have to figure out how to manipulate a 1 year old’s foot into a small opening. I was able to gently guide her foot in, stand her up, and zip up the side.

She was pretty impressed with her fancy shoes, and it took a minute or two for her to get her bearings and walk in them as the sensation would be different than the usual slipper-bottoms she was used to. In no time she was pat-pat-patting around the house.

I realized another benefit to wearing these shoes outside, her little ankles don’t get cold being exposed to the wind like they do in her slipper shoes. You know how, when you hold a child, the pants somehow hike up on them? This way, there is no exposed skin between her shoes and her pants, I like that for this time of year!

I’m loving the Lillian Grace boots, but have been really eying these two pairs for Spring. It’s really hard to chose just one
pair but guess what, one lucky reader will be able to do just that!

See Kai Run has generously offered Feisty Frugal and Fabulous readers the chance to win a pair of See Kai Run OR Smaller (their soft sole line for infants 0-18 months) shoes of their choice! It is sooooo hard to chose, so good luck with that mamas!

To enter, go to See Kai Run and check out their amazing selection of shoes! Then come back here and comment telling me your favorite style! Easy peasy!

For extra entries, do any or all of the following and comment for each one that you do:

~ Post my Kick Off to Christmas button on your blog sidebar.
~ Follow me!
~ Blog about this contest on your blog, and leave me a link in your comment.

You do not need to have a blog to enter. If you do not have a blog, please make sure you leave me your email address in your comment. If I have no way to contact you, I will have to choose another winner. Contest will end December 2nd at Midnight CST. I will use random.org to choose the winner, contact them via email, and post the winning name. Contest is open to Canadian and US addresses.

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