Choose Wisely #MoneyWiseMoms

I like to think that I’ve got a pretty good head on my shoulders when it comes to getting the best value for your dollar, saving money, and earning the best rewards out there. It’s what I pride myself on, and it’s the foundation of Feisty Frugal & Fabulous. This summer I was interviewed for […]

Coupon Myths Debunked #SimpleSavings

I’ve been a frugalista for many years now. While I enjoyed saving money when my husband and I were newleyweds (I was planning my wedding 15 years ago without Pinterest, can you imagine?!) it wasn’t until I had kids and we became a single-income family that I jumped in big-time to the world of couponing […]

Sorting It All Out – Join The #TaxTalkTime Twitter Chat

After the federal election, changes are in store for Canadians regardless of which party is in power. Personal tax implications favor heavily on voter’s decisions, about 70% saying this is the case. However, in the past studies from H&R Block indicate that Canadians can be somewhat confused when it comes to personal tax topics – […]

Changes Coming to Sears Club Rewards Program

I’m a huge fan, supporter of, and advocate for rewards programs. My view is that if you’re shopping at a store anyway, why not earn rewards for your purchases? Sure, the brand utilizes rewards plans in hopes that you will shop with them rather than a competitor and this strategy works! Why wouldn’t I shop […]

Children’s Vision Month

As any parents, we know our children best. From favorite foods to best friends, we like to have a handle on everything that goes on in our children’s lives, which includes their health. While indicators like fevers or a rash are easy to spot, vision problems are much harder to identify and can take a […]

What Would You Do With an Extra $1500?

We all do it. We daydream about winning the lottery or receiving some random inheritance (the real one, not the email ones!) or sometimes just think about how much having a few extra dollars could change your family finances – just a little bit of help can make a big difference. What would you do […]

Let’s Do This! Join us for Staples #BTSReady

While we enjoy the lazy days of summer, there’s something to be said for getting back to routine, and back to the books when school starts in September! Back to school may be just around the corner but that doesn’t mean you need to stop soaking up the sun and enjoying the sand between your […]