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Smart AND Fancy! The Breville Smart Tea Infuser

I am so pleased to be partnered with Breville Canada this year as an official Breville influencer! What this means is that I get first access to the newest and most innovative products from Breville, and I get to share them with my readers with crazy-good giveaways! My first product test came in the form of the new Breville Smart Tea Infuser.

Being a relatively new tea drinker myself, I’m still learning what blends are my favorite and how to make the perfect cuppa tea. It turns out, different teas need different degrees and the Breville Smart Tea Infuser knows the right temperature and steep time to bring out the best in your favorite teas. And, it’s done in such an easy way that it truly is a smart kitchen appliance, taking the guesswork out of everything! Here’s my video review of the product:


It really is that easy! Features highlighted above include:

– Steeping timer that will beep when ideal steeping time elapses
– 5 pre-set temperatures & steep time for different teas
– Stainless steel tea basket, dishwasher safe (woo!)
– 1.7L (7 cup) tea maker & kettle
– Functions as a kettle when the tea basket is removed (love this)
– 30 minute keep warm function

Look for the Breville Smart Tea Infuser at ($249.99) or your favorite store that sells beautiful kitchen appliances.

*I am a Breville Influencer and am compensated for my participation in the program. All opinions are, as always, my own.


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