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Did you know that great artists like Leonardo Da Vinci used a type of projector to create some of his masterpieces? It’s called Camera Obscura. Fast-forward to today, and the smART sketcher is the next great product for promoting artistic ability, fine motor development, and STEAM education skills using 21st century technology.

If you have a little artist in your household like I do, this innovative product might be just the thing to foster their creativity and give them the confidence to create more on their own too.The Smart Sketcher Projector is an image projector for learning how to draw by tracing.

Tracing projected images enhances eye-hand coordination and refines children’s understanding of 2D representation. With the Smart projector and its free Smart Sketcher app, any digital image can become a sketch. You can also choose from the pre-loaded images in the projector. Simply project the image on paper, get out some pencils, draw and colour. You can also practice spelling and play one of 50 Smart activities offered by the app.

I thought that my youngest (7) would use the Smart Sketcher the most but it turns out her older sister (10) loves it too. Both girls have really enjoyed using the Smart Sketcher and it’s kept on their art supplies shelf for easy access when the mood strikes. It’s super light, portable, and easy for little hands to use.

Look for the Smart Sketcher Projector online in Canada at ($84.99)!

We’ve got a Smart Sketcher Projector set aside for one of our readers! To enter to win, just fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then leave us a comment below telling us who the little artist is in your life and you’re in to win!


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