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Poach It!

By Lisa Dutton

When you are out Christmas shopping you think of the wine lover, the jewelry lover, the shoe lover… what about the egg lover?!

We all know one. Heck, our whole family is one! Eggs are part of our weekly meal plan, whether is a hearty weekend breakfast, or the always convenient “breakfast for supper” 😉

The Breville One Precision Poacher takes the guesswork out of eggs. It touts perfect eggs, any texture, every time. This is a great addition to any family kitchen, because while there are many egg lovers out there – we are all specific on how we want them done!

Using the Breville One Precision Poacher is as simple as pushing a button. Select the egg type and texture you want to get perfectly steamed, poached, boiled or scrambled eggs. If you are big on poaching and boiling specifically, this is a slam dunk. Boiling eggs isn’t rocket science, but it can be touchy! The One Precision Poacher allows you to pop em’ in and trust Breville to take over.

Sometimes opening a new kitchen gadget can be intimidating, but my first go with the Precision Poacher was eggcellent! Check out my video:

So how do eggs come out perfect every time? It all has to do with the probe element attached to the poacher. It enables the poacher to precisely monitor the temperature ensuring eggs come out at just the right time. This is sure to be a staple on my kitchen counter!

The One Precision Poacher by Breville can be found at, , The Bay and Best Buy for $259.99, and for $214.77!

One of our lucky readers is going to win The One Precision Poacher by Breville this holiday season! To enter to win, just fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then leave a comment below simply sharing why you’d love to have this appliance in your kitchen (or why you’d love to gift it to someone special!)


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