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Matchy Matchy With Shinesty

Why wear an ugly Christmas sweater – once a hard item to search for but now trending and in stores everywhere – when you can really go all the way with an ugly Christmas dress or ugly Christmas suit from Shinesty!

I picked this Reversible Blue/Green Plaid Christmas Tree Camo Dress ($69.99) because hey, who wouldn’t want a reversible dress! Two dresses in one, I’m in (#frugal). Click here to see the dress above on the ‘other’ side! The dress fits well, but it’s shorter than I typically wear so it might be better with tights for me.

For my husband, I picked this incredibly loud and atrocious Christmas Sweater Suit ($99.99) which includes the pants, suit jacket and matching tie. Christmas sweater, so amateur! Christmas SUIT. *egg nog drop*

Shinesty is based in the US so note that when ordering from Canada it may take a bit to arrive (so order NOW if you’re interested, like right now, don’t even finish reading this, just go!)

Not just for outlandish Christmas clothing, Shinesty is a site full of bright, loud, and obnoxious (but only in the best way) clothing and accessories so it’s worth a look through even if you’re already dedicated to the Christmas sweater in your closet.


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